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Ghorya Upkari(Raw Jackfruit Curry).

This curry can be used as a snack with tea/cofee or any other drink.


raw jackfruit(de-seeded)-250gms,

mustard seeds-1tsp,

red chilly flakes-1tsp,

salt to taste,

coconut oil-2tsps.


Cut the bulbs into medium size pieces.

Heat oil in a pan.

Add mustard and when it splutters, add the chilly flakes and the jackfruit pieces along with salt.

Sprinkle little water and mix well.

Bring the flame to low and cook till they become soft.

The cooking will be fast, as the bulbs are tender and soft.

The curry will be ready in  few mts.


A recommended drink along with this curry is the coffee prepared, using coffee powder, jagerry, dhania powder and ginger powder. Boil all these items together with water and filter it. The coffee is ready.

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This curry will go well with rice, pej or dosa/idli.


bitter gourd-250gms,

tamarind-size of a small lemon

red chillies-5,

turmeric powder-1/4tsp,


coconut oil-2tsps,

salt to taste.


Clean and cut the bittergourd into medium elongated pieces.

Cook the veg. in the pulp of tamarind and salt. Use sufficient water for cooking.

Grind masala with chillies, turmeric and hing.

Add it to the veg. and boil well, till it becomes semi-dry.

Remove from flame, add coconut oil and mix well.

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Masinga Sanghe Upkeri(Drumstick Curry)

Drumstick is used in making curries-dry as well as with gravy. Drumstick and the leaves of the tree are both very nutritious to make a very balanced diet. The leaves are used in the preparation of dosa, curry etc. A simple variety of the drumstick curry is given below.



drumsticks-4nos(cleaned and cut into 2″ pieces),

potato/suran(yam)/kachil(a kind of root vegetable similar to suran, generally available in South India)-200gms(cut into 1″ cubes),

urid dal-1tsp,

Chilly powder-1tsp,

turmeric powder-1/4tsp,


rice flour-1tbsp,

mustard seeds-1tsp,

oil 2tsps,

salt to taste.


In a pan, heat oil  and add mustard seeds.

When it pops up, add the urid dal and fry till the dal turns light brown.

Add the chilly powder, turmeric powder, hing, drumstick pieces, potato pieces  and the salt.

Add a cup of  water and cook till the drumstick and potato  pieces become soft.

Sprinkle the rice flour and mix well.

Cook on a low flame till the rice flour is properly cooked.

If necessary, add little more water.

Cook till the curry becomes dry.

Remove from flame.

The curry is ready.

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Pikkalle Kajjuphaala Sukkein(Ripe Cashew Fruit Curry)

Cashew trees are grown mostly on the west coast of India. A few other places also grow them. The cashew apples/fruits are available in plenty wherever the trees are grown. These apples/fruits have diversified uses.  The first is to eat the ripe fruit in its fresh avatar. Children relish  it so much that they ignore even a slightly pungent taste exuded from it.  The second is to extract fenny from it. Third one is to use it for making curry and this curry as prepared by the Konkani community is very delicious.


cashew fruits-8,


coconut scrapings-1/2cup,

red chillies-2,


salt to taste,

curry leaves,


mustard seeds-1tsp.


Clean and cut cashew apples into big pieces.

In a pan, heat oil and add the mustard seeds.

When they pop, add the curry leaves along with the cut apples, jagerry and salt.

Cook till they become soft .

Grind the coconut scrapings, chillies and jeera in a mixer without adding water.

Add it to the cooked mix and cook it for 2 more mts on low flame till the curry becomes  dry.

Put off the flame.

The curry is ready.

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Thykili Bhajje Sukkein(Leafy Veg. Curry-Dry)

Thykili bajji is a kind of leafy vegetable and grown wild in many parts of India. In Malayalam,  it is called takara. The tender leaves are utilised to prepare the curry. A combination of these leaves and the jackfruit seeds works out to a fantastic tasty curry.


tender leaves-2 cups(cleaned and chopped),

jackfruit seeds-1 cup,(peeled, cleaned and cut into small pieces),

coconut scrapings-1 cup,

chilly powder-1/2 tsp,

mustard seeds-1 tsp,

urid dal-1 tsp,

salt to taste,

oil-1 tsp.


Heat oil in a pan, crackle mustard seeds and add urad dal.

When the dal becomes light brown, add the cut vegetables, chilly powder and salt.

Add 1/2 cup of water and cook on a low flame till the vegetables become soft.

Add the coconut and mix well.

When it becomes dry, remove from the flame.

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 Mhav(Core part of Jackfruit) Ani Bikkanda(Jackfruit Seeds) Upkeri-Dry Curry 

The innermost part of the jackfruit which is rubbery in texture is called mhav in konkani. A dry curry is prepared using nav and the seeds.


jackfruit seeds-250 gms,

mhav-250 gms,

chilly powder-1 tsp,

mustard seeds-1 tsp,


salt to taste.


Remove the outer skin of the seeds and soak in water for 2 hrs.

Scrape them to remove the browny skin.

Cut into long and thin peeces.

Cut the mhav also into long and thin pieces.

Heat oil in a pan, crackle mustard seeds, add chilly powder and add both the cut pieces.

Add salt and a cup of water and mix well.

Cook on a medium flame till the pieces get cooked and becomes dry.


A teaspoon of coconut oil can be added as per choice.

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Birmi Karmbala Upkeri

Birmi karmbal, called chemmeen puli in malayalam, is a favourite of Konkanis for using it in many dishes for sour taste. It is also used for making pickle, spicy side dish, etc. Given below is one type of side dish preparation. This curry goes well with rice, parathas etc.


birmi karmbal-200 gms(tender ones),

bhajja pitto(curry powder)-2 tbsps(see curry aids under Konkani recipe list and click on this item for details),

Oil-1 tbsp,

mustard seeds-1 tsp,

hing-1/2 tsp,

salt to taste.


Clean and cut the karmbal in halves.

Heat oil in a pan, crackle mustard seeds.

Add the karmbala pieces, hing  and salt  and cook on a low flame for 5 mts without adding water.

Add the curry powder, mix well and cook for another 2/3 mts.

The curry is ready.

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