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We normally throw away the the seeds of mango after eating the fruit. But the kernels of these seeds are nutritious and also have medicinal values.

There are some preparations made out of mango kernels. One such is given below.


mango kernel paste-1cup,

dosa batter-4cups(see dosa in the recipe list)

Note: The fresh seeds have bitter taste. In order to get over this, remove the hard shells  of the mango seeds. Soak the kernels in water for the full day. Next day, change the water. This is to be done for 7 days. Then, grind these kernels to a fine paste, adding little water.


Mix the mango kernel paste and the dosa batter well.

Dosas can be made with this batter just like the normal dosas.

Can be served with sambar, any chutney, thiksani humman or any other hot and spicy side dishe.

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Khuntakanga Polo(Tapioca Dosa)-Type2 (Also called Kappya Polo)

This is a very tasty dosa. Any spicy  side dish, chutney, dosa powder etc will go with this dosa.


Urad dal-3/4 cup,

fresh tapioca-500 gms,

salt to taste,

oil for frying dosa.


Wash and soak the dal for 3 hrs.

Remove the skin of tapioca, wash and grate it.

Grind dal to a smooth texture.

Grind tapioca also to a smooth paste.

Mix both the batters, add salt, and little water, if necessary, to bring the batter to the dosa consistency.

Fry the dosas on the dosa tawa just like any other dosa.

Serve it with any kind of  spicy sidedish, chutney etc.


It is not necessary to ferment the batter.

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Horse gram helps in reducing rheumatic problems. If prepared well, the dish comes out with good taste.It is used for the preparation of saaru(a kind of spicy side dish used with plain rice). Dosa also is prepared by using horse gram and its details are given below.


raw rice-500gms,

kulithu(horse gram)-250gms,

red chillies-6,


coconut scrapings-1cup,

oil for making dosa and

salt to taste.


Soak separately rice and kulithu for 4hrs.

Soak chillies and pepper for 30 minutes.

Grind kulithu, coconut, chillies and pepper to a fine paste.

Grind rice also to a fine paste.

Mix both the batter, add salt and keep overnight.

Next morning, thick dosas can be prepared

Hot and spicy chutneys will be a good combination with this dosa.

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Porridge(kanji) can be made with this powder.  It can be an excellent alternative to the normal breakfast . It is both healthy and highly nutritious. The porridge should be stirred continuously while preparing it. One of the add-ons which is explained below can make this preparation much more nutritious than whatever is available in the market.
whole wheat-1/4kg,
chana dal-1/4kg,
moong dal-1/4kg,
soyabean-1/4kg and
Clean and roast all the items separately and grind together to a fine powder, on cooling.
Grinding can be got done in a flourmill, or at home using a mixer, if the quantity is small.
This powder can be stored for a long time and used as and when required.
Porridge/Kanji can be made with this powder, which is very nutritious.
Add 2 tsps of this powder to 1 mug of water, dissolve it and cook it for 2 mts in a vessel, while continuosly stirring it. 
The plain porridge is ready for use.
A tbsp  of sugar and half a cup of milk can be added to a large mug of porridge. This will greatly enhance the flavour and taste of the porridge and will make it highly appealing to the children.
Alternatively, a bit of salt and 1tbsp of dahi added to a large mug of porridge can also make the difference.
The quantity of sugar and milk can be altered  as per the individual taste. 
Prepare a smooth chutney by grinding a bunch each of pudina leaves,dania leaves, curry leaves in equal quantity, a piece of ginger and 2 to 3 green chillies along with it. This chutney can be stored in a fridge for a fortnight.
A teaspoonful of this chutney can be added to a mug of salted porridge, after it is done.  
Roast a few almonds, pistachios, and cashewnuts(about 10 each) and grind them to powder. Add 1/2tsp of cardamom powder to the powder mix and thoroughly mix and store it.
A spoonful of this rich mix of proteins can be added to the milk porridge after it is done.
For details on the preparation of muskat, click on Tag ‘Wheat Preparation’.
However, in place of wheat flour, health powder should be used.
To make it more appetizing, chopped  onions, green chillies, ginger and chopped curry leaves  can be added while making the dough.  
For making dosa, mix the required quantity of the powder with water to get  a  dosa batter consistency.Add the required salt and mix it.
Plain dosa can be made with this batter.
To have a nice flavour and taste,  chopped onions, green chillies, ginger and curry leaves can be added while making the batter.

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This dosa is prepared with whatever whole grains are available at home. It is highly nutritious as it substantial protein contents and a very healthy and filling dish.The grains like,moong, chouli, chana(brown), ragi(nanchono), mattar(attano), black urid, wheat, soya beans etc can be used. The quantity can be reduced or added as per the proportion.

grains,(mixture of many varieties)-500gms ,
raw rice-2cups,
red cillies-5,
hing powder-1/8tsp,
salt  to taste,
ginger-1″ piece ,
curry leaves  and
oil for roasting dosas.
Soak grains and rice for 6hrs. Grind the soaked grains and rice along with all the other items to coarse consistency.
Add the chopped curry leaves and mix well.
Make thick dosas on the tawa applying some oil. Roast both sides on a low flame, for a crispy texture.
Pickle or chutney can be chosen as a side dish,  depending on individual taste.

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Palya Polo(leaves Dosa)
This dosa is a favourite of Konkanis. This is a very healthy preparation because of the high nutritious values of the leaves.
The preparation is very easy. It is a sumptuous preparation by itself. This dosa can be relished even without a side dish.If necessary, a bit of  any type of pickles/chutneys can go along with it.
This preparation can be made by using drumstick leaves, methi leaves or finely chopped cabbage.
Raw rice-1cup,
boiled rice-2cups,
red chillies- 5,
coconut scrapings-1 cup,
tamarind-a small avla size,
turmeric  powder-1/4tsp,
drumstick  leaves, well cleaned- 1 cup,
 hing- 1/8tsp,
salt to taste,and
oil as required
Soak both rice together for 5hrs . Soak tamarind in a very small quantity of  water. Grind all the ingredients together,except oil and leaves, to a fine batter. Add the leaves and mix well. Spread the batter on the tawa in dosa shape . Drop a bit of oil all around. When one side is done, turn the dosa upside down and fry the other side. Can be consumed just by itself  or with pickle/chutney.

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