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Kappya Hummaan(Spicy Tapioca Dish)


kappe(tapioca)-5oo gms,

chilli powder-1 1/2 tsps,

turmeric powder-1/4 tsp,

hing-1/4 tsp,

salt to taste,

mustard seeds-1 tsp,

coconut oil 1 tbsp.


Remove the skin completely.

Wash and cut tapioca into medium size pieces.

Heat oil in a pan, crackle  mustard seeds, add turmeric powder, chilli powder, hing, tapioca pieces and salt.

Mix well.

Add 4 to 5 cups of water and close it with a lid.

Once it boils, bring down the flame to low and cook till the kappe becomes soft.

If necessary, add more water till it becomes soft.

Remove from the flame and splash a little coconut oil on the top.

The dish is ready.

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Thakka Kadi(Seasoned Buttermilk)

This dish goes well with plain rice.


curd-2 cups,

water-4 cups,

green chillies/red chillies-3,


ginger-1″ piece,

hing-1/8 tsp,

mustard seeds-1 tsp,

salt to taste,

oil-1 tsp ,

jeera-1 tsp and,

curry leaves.



De-skin ginger.

Wash and chop green chillies and ginger.

Churn the curd using the water(Do not make it very thin).

Add salt.

Heat oil in a pan, crackle mustard seeds, add jeera ,chopped chillies, ginger, hing  and curry leaves.

Add the above seasoning to the churned curd(buttermilk).

Kadi is ready for serving.

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