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We normally throw away the the seeds of mango after eating the fruit. But the kernels of these seeds are nutritious and also have medicinal values.

There are some preparations made out of mango kernels. One such is given below.


mango kernel paste-1cup,

dosa batter-4cups(see dosa in the recipe list)

Note: The fresh seeds have bitter taste. In order to get over this, remove the hard shells  of the mango seeds. Soak the kernels in water for the full day. Next day, change the water. This is to be done for 7 days. Then, grind these kernels to a fine paste, adding little water.


Mix the mango kernel paste and the dosa batter well.

Dosas can be made with this batter just like the normal dosas.

Can be served with sambar, any chutney, thiksani humman or any other hot and spicy side dishe.

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Khuntakanga Polo(Tapioca Dosa)-Type2 (Also called Kappya Polo)

This is a very tasty dosa. Any spicy  side dish, chutney, dosa powder etc will go with this dosa.


Urad dal-3/4 cup,

fresh tapioca-500 gms,

salt to taste,

oil for frying dosa.


Wash and soak the dal for 3 hrs.

Remove the skin of tapioca, wash and grate it.

Grind dal to a smooth texture.

Grind tapioca also to a smooth paste.

Mix both the batters, add salt, and little water, if necessary, to bring the batter to the dosa consistency.

Fry the dosas on the dosa tawa just like any other dosa.

Serve it with any kind of  spicy sidedish, chutney etc.


It is not necessary to ferment the batter.

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