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Goli Bhajje Patthal Sukkein(Leafy Veg. Curry)

Goli is a kind of  leafy vegetable grown wild. It has very small and thick leaves. A gravy dish using this leafy vegetable is given below.


goli leaf-2 cups(cleaned and chopped),

coconut scrapings-1 cup,

red chillies-4(lightly fried in oil),

turmeric powder-1/4 tsp,

sol-1 piece,

mustard seeds-1 tsp,

urid dal-1 tsp,

methi seeds-1/4 tsp,

hing-1/8 tsp,

salt to taste and

oil-1 tsp.


Grind masala with coconut,chillies and turmeric powder.

Cook the vegetable.

Add the salt, hing ,sol  and masala along with enough water to have a gravy to the vegetable and boil for 5 mts on low flame.

Remove from flame and do the phannu(season) with mustard, urid dal and methi.

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Thumbo is a kind of leafy vegetable available in Kerala. It is a leafy vegetable grown wild in the surroundings of the independent homes in Kerala. It has many nutrition values and also good on the digestive system. Konkanis have been making use of this vegetable since long.

As the vegetable has a peculiar pungent taste , it has to be cooked properly to convert it to a tasty and inviting dish.


thumbo-2 cups(cleaned and chopped),

coconut scrapings-1cup,

red chillies-4,

a small piece of whole hing,

sol/tamarind-1 piece,

oil-2 tsps,

turmeric powder-a pinch,

mustard seeds-1tsp,

urid dal-1tsp and

salt to taste.


Fry the chillies and hing in little oil and grind in a mixer along with the coconut scrapings  without adding water(call it masala).

Heat oil in a pan, crackle mustard seeds and add  turmeric powder and urid dal and saute(fry) for one minute.

Add the vegetable, sol and salt. Mix well. Add a cup of water.

Cook till the vegetable becomes  tender.

Add the masala to the cooked vegetable and continue cooking for another 5 mts till it becomes cmpletely dry.

Note:   Half cooked tur dal can also be added to get an attractive flavour and taste.

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