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This is a snack made with skinned urad dal(dal with chilka) instead of the usual white(de-skinned) dal. Besides being fibrous, it is also nutritious. The batter is slightly dark in colour because of the dal skin. It tastes very good.



skinned(black) urid dal-1/2cup,

boiled rice-1cup,

raw rice-1/2cup,



salt to taste,

oil for frying the appams.


Soak the dal and rice for 5 hrs separately.

Both the rice varieties can be combined together for soaking.

Grind the dal to a smooth texture as is being ground for dosa.

Grind rice to a coarser texture.

Add salt, pepper and jeera and mix well.

Ferment the batter for 6 hrs.

Heat appam pan(pan with appam depressions), put little oil in all depressions and pour the batter to 3/4 level in each depression.

Keep the flame on medium.

When one side is done, turn to the other side in the hollow itself, by using a pointed needle, similar to the knitting needle.

When done, remove the appams.

Repeat the process till the batter is exhausted.

Can be served with sambar, chutney or any other hot and spicy curries.

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In earlier times, clean and sorted rice was not available. People used to clean it at home. While cleaning, sorting was also being done to separate the pieces(called paam) from the full size. While the full size rice was used for making plain rice, the pieces called ‘paam’ was  used to prepare upma or for making dosa/idli, etc.  The preparation of upma using paam is given below.


paam(rice rawa)-200gms,

coconut scrapings-1 cup,

red chillies-4(cut into pieces)

ginger-1″ piece, skinned and chopped(optional),

urid dal-2tsps,

mustard seeds-1tsp,


salt to taste and

curry leaves.


Heat oil in a pan, crackle mustard seeds.

Add to it, urid dal, fry a little and add chillies, ginger and curry leaves. Fry for a minute.

Add 5 cups of water and salt to the above fried mix and bring it to a boil.

Add rawa, simultaneously stirring it.

Cook on a low flame till the water is completely evaporated.

Add coconut scrapings and mix well.

Put off the flame and close it with a lid.

Upma is ready.

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Ingredients :
idli batter-4cups,
green chillies(to be chopped)-4nos and
ginger-a small piece(to be de-skinned and nicely chopped).
Add the chopped chillies and ginger to the batter and mix well.
Use an appam  pan to prepare the appams.
Heat the pan on a medium flame, splash a little oil in all the moulds of the pan  and then fill the moulds with the batter to only 3/4 capacity. Cook the appams on a low flame.
Once the top is cooked ( it can be checked with a sharp knife), turn it upside down with the help of a  flat spoon or knife and cook it again till it is fully done.
Can be served with any type of chutney/spicy dish/pickle.
Note: Seasoning with mustard seeds and finely chopped curry leaves in oil can be added to the battter to add more taste and flavour.

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For undi 
 raw rice -2cups,
coconut scrapings -1cup,
red chilly-1(cut in to 2,3 pieces),
methi seeds-a few,
mustard seeds-1tsp,
coconut oil-1tsp  and
curry leaves.
For Thoy
tur dal-1cup,
chilly powder-1/2tsp,
turmeric powder-a pinch,
hing- a pinch,   ,
mustard seeds- 1tsp,
 salt to taste,  
curry leaves and
Cook dal and add salt.
Do phannu(season) with mustard seeds ,chilly powder,turmeric powder, hing and curry leaves.
Add water to get a reasonable liquid consistency.
Soak rice for 3hrs and grind it with coconut scrapings and salt. 
Crackle the mustard seeds in oil in a pan, add chilly,methi seeds and curry leaves and the rice batter.
Keep cooking the mix while continuously stirring it while adding the batter. Cook it to upma consistency.
On cooling, form balls(undis) out the cooked dough and put them in the seasoned dal when it is boiling. Cook for 10 mts on a low fire.
Allow undis to get well soaked in the dal and then serve them in a dish along with a small portion of dal.

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Masala Polo(Masala dosa).

For this polo, the batter is the same as for polo(dosa). The method of  preparation of polo is same as given for polo except that the polo in this case need not be turned upside down. After sprrrrRRrReading the batter on the tawa, close it with the lid for full cooking. Only Masala preparation is given below.

It is a yummy yummy preparation, equally liked by young and old ones. This polo can be taken as it is or with side dishes. The side dishes mentioned under idlis go very well with this preparation also.


Potatoes-5 nos,

onion-2 nos,

green chillies-4,

ginger- 1 inch piece,


urid dal-1tsp,

mustard seeds-1tsp

salt to taste,

oil for tadka,

corriander leaves and

curry leaves.


Cook the potatoes and mash very well.Cut the onions to very small pieces. Chop green chillies and ginger. Heat kadai with oil. crackle the mustard. Add urad dal and fry till light brown. Add all the other items except the potatoes and fry for 5 mts. Add half cup water  and cook for 5mts. Then add the mashed potatoes and the chopped corriander leaves  and mix well. The masala is ready.

To make masala polo(dosa), make thin polo on the tawa and pour little oil on the sides along the circumference.  Close with a lid. When cooked with a crispy texture, keep  2 tbsps of masala   in the middle  of the polo, spread it lengthwise in the middle and then fold the polo from the two sides and lightly press the folded sides. Turn it upside down and fry for another 2 mts. The masala dosa is ready.

To add to its taste ,spread a little coconut chutney on the dosa before putting the masala.

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Polo(dosa) is like a pancake and is an excellent breakfast and tiffin varitey. Whether young or old everybody enjoys either a crispy or a soft and fluffy polo. Crispness of polo can also be adjusted depending upon individual taste. With the same batter,soft and thick polos can be prepared. To make paper-like polo use more raw rice for preparing the batter. The proportion is given below.The batter preparation for polo is similar to that of Idli.
Dosa is relished more in its masala dosa avatar. The preparation for a tasty masala dosa would be given in a later post.

The side dishes given under idli for eating it, goes well with polo too.

Raw rice -3cups,
Boiled rice-1cup,
Urad dal-1cup (for wet grinder), or 1-1/2 cups (for mixer)and
Salt to taste.


The procedure for soaking and grinding of the batter is the same as for idli batter. 

Keep the polo Kayli (tawa) on the stove, keeping the burner in medium flame. After the kayli is heated, smear a bit of oil on the surface of kayli. Spread the batter uniformly in a circular shape on the kayli and cover it with a lid until done.

Polo can be prepared with out a lid, for this spread the batter, cook one side for some time and after a few minutes turn it upside down for even cooking.

To make a crisp dosa spread the batter as mentioned above add sufficient oil and cook without lid on a low fame for a longer period. Serve hot.

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Idli batter is prepared by using rice and urid dal(blackgram dal). The texture of idli (softness) depends on the proportion of ingredients and the time given for grinding. While grinding in a wet grinder and the mixer, the proportion is different with dal and rice.  The proportion varies depending upon the quality of dal also. Again, the grinding of dal is done  to get a highly  soft texture for its batter.  In order to get the proper consistency and the the soft texture for idli/dosa, etc, the grinding has to be carefully done. Idli, dosa, etc are delicacies  for people from all parts of India. Idli is a steamed item and does not require oil for preparation. Usually made as a breakfast item some people prefer to have it for supper as it is very light on the stomach . Dosa is also prepared with similar batter may be with slight variation. That is given in a separate post.


Boiled rice-3 1/2 cups,
Raw rice-1 1/2 cup,
urad dal-1cup (for wet grinding) and (2cups for the mixer grinding) and
Salt to taste.


Soak both the rice together for 6hrs. Soak urad dal separately for 3hrs. If the dal is soaked for more period you will not get the proper softness while grinding. Start soaking the dal  after 3hrs of starting of soaking rice. While grinding in a wet grinder, grind the dal for 45 mts(it is very necessary for proper fermentation and getting the batter fluffy) adding little water at intervals during the course of grinding.  Transfer into a large vessel. Then grind the rice to a smooth consistency adding water little by little. After grinding mix the rice and dal batter well. Add salt and mix well. Keep the  batter for fermentation for 6 to 8 hrs. The batter will be ready to make idlis after that.If the weather conditions are a bit cold , the mixed batter can be kept in an open space, properly covered fully, directly under the Sun for proper fermentation.

Preparing idli is easy, it can be prepared in an idli cooker or pressure cooker ( no need to use the weight )or a conventional steamer called as Pedavaan. Pour sufficient water, may be a glass or 2 depending on the size of the vessel to form steam. Smear idli moulds with oil or just moist with water so that steamed idlis do not stick to it. Pour idli batter and steam for 8-10 mts. After steaming remove from cooker, let the idlis stand for about 5 minutes before they can be removed easily from the mould . Arrange moulds in such a fashion so that the idlis on top tier are not above the ones directly below. (This is to avoid the steam dripping on the idlis below).

Idli goes very well with any side dish like  sambar, any type of chutney ,dal powder specially made for eating idli/dosa, thiksani umman, pickles, a mix of ghee and sugar( especially for children)and any type of sauce.

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Adsara Polo(Pancake)
This is a polo similar to the normal polo made with rice and urid dal. In this, coconut is added in place of urid dal which gives the polo a little sweetness. This is occasionally made at home for ap. Children likes this preparation because of its sweetness and softness.Side dishes like  tiksani ummaan(yam) and surna adgai(pickle) will make good combination with this item. It can also go well with any type of chutney. Children may relish it with sugar.
 The small pieces of this polo mixed with crushed  jaggery and coconut scrapings combination  makes a fast sweet dish for children.
Raw rice -2cups,
salt to taste
coconut scraping -1cup,
 oil  for making dosa and
Soak rice for 4 hrs,
Grind soaked rice, coconut scrapings and salt toghether.
 Add jeera .
 Make slightly thicker polo(dosa/pancake).
Drop a few drops of oil around the circumference for easy removal of polo from the tawa.Cover it with a lid. Once it is cooked, turn it upside down, leave it for a minute and then remove it. 
Cut these polos into small pieces and
mix with coconut scrapings,  jaggery,crushed and elachi.
Young children will like it this way.
This preparation  is called ” Phadi(pieces of polo) Kalleileli” in konkani parlance.

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 Cabbage undi is a pure konkani snack consumed for breakfast or even as a snack at the night time .It is a healthy snack because of the inclusion of raw cabbage while making the batter.It also tastes great . It does not require any accompaniment like chutney or sambar. It can be eaten as it is or make pieces and dip very lightly in oil or chutney for an enhanced taste.



raw rice-1cup,
boiled rice-2cups,
red chilly-5,
tamarind-a little,
salt-as required and
 cabbage-cut into very small pieces-2cups.
Soak both rice together  for 6hrs.
Grind  all items together except cabbage to a fine paste.
Add cabbage.
Smear the idli depressions of the stand with oil and pour the batter in each depression.
Steam for  10 mts  in pressure cooker (without weight ).
Combination for the undi is either coconut oil or any kind of chutney.

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Appo Tawa and Lid

Godda Appo


Godda appo is a sweet snack.  Its shape, sweetness and softness makes it the  favourite  of young ones. (In Malayalam it is called  unniyappam and  is deep fried in ghee.). This is prepared usually as an evening snack and also forms a neivedya item during some special poojas.   

Connoisseurs  say that to get the best taste,  you should keep it overnight after cooking before you eat.This is true for all jaggery based  preparations.   

It is also relished with equal fetish by elders and old people.  

Raw rice-1cup
coconut scrapings-1/2cup
salt- a pinch
cardamom  powder-1/2tsp
coconut scrapings-1tbsp, (or coconut cut into small pieces)
wheat rawa-1tbsp
thin  rice  flakes-1tbsp(Phovu) and
ghee -required quantity.   

Method: Soak rice for 4 hrs. Grind  rice with coconut(1/2 cup), rawa and phovu. Add salt and jaggery  and mix  well. Add cardamom powder and the coconut scrapings(1tbsp) and make the batter to a pouring  consistency. Heat the Appo tawa , smear ghee in each hemi-spherical depressions and pour the batter in each depressions. Add little ghee on the top  while cooking. Cover with a lid. After one side is cooked, turn the appos  upside down and fry for another 2 -3 mints.

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