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A common snack prepared and consumed in most parts of India. The preparation varies in each state. Whatever way it is made, people relish it well, with coffee/tea.


For filling:


green chillies-4,

ginger-1″ piece,

jeera-1/2 tsp,

mustard- 1 tsp,

salt to taste,

turmeric powder-a pinch and

curry leaves-a few.

For coating:

besan(gramflour)-1 cup,

chilly powder-1/2 tsp,

turmeric powder-1/8 tsp,

salt to taste,

hing-1/8 tsp and

oil for frying.



Cook potatoes till they get soft.

Peel and mash well.

Chop chillies , ginger and curry leaves, very fine.

Heat little oil in a pan, crackle mustard seeds; add urid dal, fry a little; add the chopped items and fry little more.

Remove from the flame, add mashed potatoes and salt; mix all the items well.

Filling is ready. Make small balls about 1 1/2″ dia. and keep aside.

In a vessel, mix besan, chilly powder, turmeric powder, hing and salt to make a batter, adding little water. The batter should not be too watery.

In a frying pan, heat oil.

Dip the balls one by one in the batter and put it in the hot oil. Repeat with all the balls and fry them in one or two batches depending upon the size of the frying pan, till they are reasonably crispy.

Keep stirring till they are done.

The ambados are ready.

Remove them from the pan with the help of a perforated laddle and keep them on a paper napkin to remove excess oil.

They will be soft inside.

Can be served hot with chutneys, sauce etc.

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This goes well as a spicy snack with evening coffee/tea.


Urid dal-1 cup,

green chillies-3,(finely chopped)

ginger-1/2″ piece,(finely chopped)

curry leaves-a few, (finely chopped)

salt to taste,

rawa/rice flour and

oil for frying.


Soak dal for 3 hrs.

Grind it to a fine batter, adding very little water at a time.

The batter/dough should be thick enough to form balls and roll in the flour.

Add all the chopped items along with salt and mix well..

Heat oil in a pan.

Form balls, about 1 1/2″ size, roll in rawa/rice flour and deep fry till they become crispy.

The balls can be fried in batches, depending upon the size of the pan and quantity of oil.

Keep stirring till done.



1.After adding the masala to the dal batter/dough, the ambados have to be fried immediately to avoid the formation of water in the batter/dough

2.Chopped onions can also be added as per taste.

3.The ambados can be fried without rolling in flour also as per taste. The flour coating gives the ambados more crispiness.

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Pumpkin leaves are nutritious , and tastes great if cooked with the required expertise. These leaves can be converted into spicy curry/snack items. Konkanis prepare pattharvodo(a type of steamed and fried/roasted snack) with these leaves. It is a good  snack for the evenings. 



tur dal-1 cup, 

urid dal-1 cup, 

rice flour-1/2 cup, 

red chillies-10(fried in oil), 

hing-1/8 tsp, 

salt to taste, 

oil for frying, 

tamarind-very little and 

pumpkin leaves(med.size)-8(cleaned). 



Soak the dals together for 3 hrs. 

Grind with chillies, salt, hing and tamarind to a fine paste. 

Spread with hand, a small quantity of the batter on the top of one leaf , place another leaf over it and spread the batter again over it. 

Repeat the process, till all the leaves are used up. 

Roll all the leaves together tightly to form a cylindrical shape and hold the shape by tying it with a thread. 

Cut the roll into thin slices(remove the thread after cutting). 

Roll the slices in rice flour and deep fry, till they become crispy. 

Patharvodo is ready. Serve them on cooling. 

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Though bittergourd is slightly bitter in taste, when  converted into a snack, the bitterness gets reduced. It is a deep fried snack and it tastes marvellous. Even children will relish it. This is a good snack for the evenings as well as a fried dish during meals.  


raw rice-1 cup,  

urid dal-1/2 cup,  

red chillies-8(fried in oil),  

hing-1/4 tsp,  

tamarind-very small avla size,  

salt to taste,  

Bittergourd-1(small) and  

oil for frying.  



Soak rice and dal together for 3hrs and grind them along with salt, chillies, hing and tamarind to a coarse texture.  

Cut the bittergourd to very small pieces after removing the seeds,if any, and add to the above batter. Mix well.  

Grease the cooker separator and steam the batter for 20 mts.  

On cooling, cut it into slices and deep fry till reasonably crispy.  

Karthya pathervodo is ready for serving.

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A time-pass snack, generally munched by the kids and youngsters whilst on their hobbies, like reading, playing games on the computer, playing board games, etc. It also goes very well with the evenimg tea. Most of the grains such as whole black chana(bengal gram), chouli(cow pea), moong and other types of beans .can be used for this preparation.


any one of the grain-1/4kg,

salt solution(made with 1 tbsp of salt and 3 tbsp of water) and

oil for frying.


Wash and soak the grain for 8 hrs.

Strain water.

Put it on a cloth, close the ends, tie it with a thread and hang it at a convenient place. Leave it for 2 days. 

A sprout maker can also be used for sprouting the grain.

Remove the unsprouted grains(it may burst while frying) from the sprouted ones.

Deep fry it till it gets crispy.

Sprinkle little salt solution on the frying grains and wait till the foam subsides.

Remove the fried grains using a perforated laddle to drain the excess oil.

Spread it on a tissue paper to remove the balance retained excess oil.


Little chilly powder can be sprinkled over the grains to give it a spicy kick.

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This is a time-pass item for the  children.
boiled rice-1cup,
chana dal-1/2cup,
moong dal-1/2cup,
red chillies-6,
coconut oil(for use while eating)
hing powder- a pinch and
salt to taste.
Wash the rice and strain water.
Wash the nachni and strain water.
Roast  separately the rice,nachni and dals(together).
Roast  pepper and the chillies for 2 to 3 mts.
On getting cooled, grind all the items together to a fine powder.
Add hing powder and salt and mix.
Eat, mixed with oil.

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Whenever the children or the adults are hungry and ask for some immediate relief, the homemaker resort to this dish, which is very tasty and spicy, at the same time, wholesome. It is also a very healthy dish as it does not contan any unhealthy add-ons. It is a very easy and simple preparation. This is an instant snack and cannot be kept for a longer time.
thin poha -1/4kg,
green chillies-2,
coconut scrapings-1 cup,
salt to taste,
 small onion-1/2 cup(optional)chopped and
 coconut oil-2tsps.
Mix  poha and coconut scrapings together and mash it well with hand to make it soft. No water is used.
Add finely cut chillies, chopped onions, sugar and salt and mix well.
Add coconut oil and mix.
The dish is ready.

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