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A very tasty sweet, mostly prepared when the newly weds come home.


Thick coconut milk-1cup,

rice flour-2cups,

jagerry-1 1/2 cups,

a pinch of salt,

cardamom powder-1/2tsp,

oil for frying.


Mix coconut milk and rice flour.

Powder the jagerry, add to it along with cardamum powder and salt.

Knead well.

Keep for 10mts.

Knead again to make a soft dough to the puri consistency. If necessary add little water or rice flour to get the consistency.

Make thick puris, on a flat surface using a thin plastic sheet, by pressing with hand.

Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the puris to golden brown.

When one side is done, turn to the other side and fry again, till done.

The dudhvodos are ready.

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This sweet snack is very tasty and easy to prepare. All age groups should be able to relish it.


Ripe nentra banana-1,

jagerry-1 cup,

rice flour-2cups(approx),

chilli powder-1/2tsp,

cardamom powder-1/2tsp,

a pinch of salt,

oil for frying.


Mash the banana well.

Add jagerry, chilli powder, cardamom powder, salt and mix well.

The jagerry should be thoroughly mixed.

Add rice flour and make a soft dough. Little water can be added to get the proper consistency. If the dough turns out very soft, little more flour can be added to have a proper consistency to be able to cull out small balls out of it and roll out puris properly.

Make thick small puris using a thin plastic paper sheet, smeared with oil on the top.

Deep fry in oil  to a brown texture. Fry both sides. Collect them over a large paper towel piece.

Vodo is ready.

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Randhaan(Sweet Steamed Sandwich)

This is a sweet dish prepared using the idli batter. It is very easy to prepare and children should especially relish it.


idli batter-2 cups,

fresh coconut scrapings-1 cup,

jagerry-3/4 cup,

a pinch of salt,

kaju(cut into small pieces)-10 nos,(optional)


cardamom powder-1/2 tsp.


Mix the coconut, jagerry, kaju, kismis,  salt  and cardamom powder well.

In a flat  vessel which will hold 2 cups of batter or cooker separater pour 1 cup of batter.

On the top,  spread a small portion of the above mix uniformly.

Again, pour the remaining batter to cover the coconut mix.

Steam in a cooker  without weight for 10 mts.

When cool, cut into pieces and serve.

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Godi Chakkuli(Sweet Murukku)

Godi Ckakkuli(Sweet Chakli/Murukku) is made using jagerry and coconut milk. Boiled white rice is used for this purpose.

Godi Chakkuli(Sweet Murukku)


boiled rice-2 cups,

thick coconut milk-1 cup,

powdered jagerry-1 cup,

salt-1/4 tsp,

til(sesame)-2 tsps,

oil for frying chaklis.


Soak the rice for 6 hrs.

Grind the rice using coconut milk to a smooth and thick paste.

Add jagerry, til and salt and mix well. If the dough is watery, add little raw rice flour to bring it to the proper dough consistency.

Make chaklis with the help of the chakli machine and deep fry in oil.

When cool, store them in the airtight container.

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The whole ripe Kerala banana(nenthrapazham) along with the skin can be roasted on a direct coal fire or direct gas flame using a metal gauze with handle. It has to be constantly rolled on the gauze, quarter diameter by quarter, as and when the portion directly exposed to the fire is roasted, till the whole banana is roasted. Specific care should be taken to ensure that the banana is not overburnt.

Rightly roasted banana is a healthy food, even for the toddlers. It is both filling as well as nutritious. No nutrients  are lost while roasting, hence good for small children. It is very easy and simple to prepare.

For the preparation of this item, only bananas.(nenthrapazham) are required and nothing else.

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This is a delicacy of the young children.It is very nutritious .Banana, caloriwise, is very rich and hence good for the young kids who are physically very active, either in games or otherwise.


ripe banana-2(nentrappazham-ripe Kerala banana)


ghee for roasting.


Peel and cut the banana in 1/4″ thick rounds or thin slices, 1/4″thk,  3″ to 4″ long.

Heat the frying pan(tawa) and spread the pieces on it and sprinkle ghee on it.

Roast on a low flame. After one side is  done, turn to the other side.

After  both sides are done, remove the pieces to a plate and sprinkle sugar on it, when they are hot.

The item is ready to serve.

This preparation requires hardly any effort , but tastes excellent.

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This item is prepared mostly during marriages and festivals like Janmshtami, Deepavali  etc.


whole cashewnuts(white)-250gms,

cardamom powder-1/2 tsp(optional)





Roast cashewnuts very lightly with out loosing the whiteness or microwave for 2 minutes.

Boil 1 cup of water in a pan and add the sugar.

Go on stirring till the syrup comes to 2-thread consistency.

Remove from flame and add the  cashewnuts and cardamom powder.

Mix well till the mix gets dried. The cashewnuts will be well coated with sugar.

Store them in an airtight container.

NOTE:The sugar left out in the pan can be utilised for some other purpose.

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One of the five sweets  specially  prepared for the baby shower(pamsavan in konkani) ceremony, this sweet is very delicious. Other sweets prepared during the occasion are mando, oondo, nevri and purdo. Tese preparations ae already elaborated elsewhere in this blog, A reference can be made to the recipe list under Gdsaniche/Sweets for these sweets.


all purpose flour(maida)-100 gms,

besan/lhayi(popped rice)-100 gms,

sugar-1oo gms,(powdered)

dry coconut scrapings-1 tbsp,

salt-1/8 tsp,


cardamon powder-1tsp,

cashewnuts-10(chopped) and

oil for frying.



Knead maida with salt and water to make a dough. The dough should be thick.

Apply little oil to make  it  soft. Keep it aside for half an hour.

Fry besan and coconut  in a pan using ghee till the mix gives a pleasant fragrance.

Add to it the sugar ,chopped cashews and cardamom powder and mix well(call it mix).

Roll small puris from the dough.

Place a spoonful  of the mix on every puri and fold it to half-moon shape. Seal the edges with a sealing spoon or pressing the sides giving it the shape shown in the photo image.

Deep-fry them on a low flame to a crispy texture. Fry them till they are light brown.

Remove them with the help of a perforated laddle.

When they are cooled, store them in an airtight container.

NOTE: Filling can be varied as per individual taste. It can be jagerry, coconut and cashews/rawa,sugar and cashews/lhayi(popped rice),sugar and cashews.

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This is a sweet prepared with a filling.The filling can be varied depending upon the taste.  


popped rice(lhayi)-100 gms,  

all purpose flour(maida)-200gms,  

cashew nuts(cut into very small pieces),  

sugar-150 gms,  

cardamom powder-1tsp,  

salt-1/4 tsp,  

Coconut scrapings-2tbsp,  

ghee-1 tbsp and  

oil for frying.  




Knead the maida with little ghee and salt.The dough should be soft.  

Powder the sugar.  

Crush the popped rice(lhayi) to small pieces.  

Fry coconut scrapings in little ghee.   

Mix well the coconut scrapings, cashew nuts,  popped rice granules, powdered sugar and  cardamom powder.This mix is for filling.  

Make small puris out the dough and place 2 tsps of the filling and fold the edges to form a modak-like shape.   

Press the folded edges on the top.   

Fry them in batches  in oil till they come out crispy.  


The filling can be made using white rawa/besan, cashew nuts and sugar  combination  or coconut and jagerry made into pooran

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Chips made out of the sweet potato are very tasty. It is very easy to prepare.


Chinni kanang(sweet potato)-250gms,

salt-1tsp and

oil for frying.


De-skin the sweet potatoes.

Wash and cut into flat, thick(1/8″) chips.

Make salt solution adding 2 tsps of water in the given salt.

Heat oil in a pan and deep fry half quantity of  the chips till light brown.

Sprinkle 1tsp of salt solution on the top and continue frying till the chips become crispy.

Repeat the process with the remaining chips. These chips will be crispy out side and soft inside.


These chips are by itself tasty. If required, corriander chutney or tomato sauce can be a side dish for this.

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