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This curry can be made using a variety of vegetables like, suran(yam), avla mande(colocasia), potato, beans, cluster beans,drumstick, brinjal, chouli(long beans) etc. The masala is simple to make, but it adds to the taste of the vegetable dish immensely.


vegetables-50gms each(4 to 5 varieties),

coconut cut into small pieces(kathali)-1 cup,

corriander seeds-1tbsp,

red chillies-5,

sol-2 small pieces,

salt to taste and

little oil


Clean and cut the vegetables into large pieces.

Fry the coconut pieces, corriander seeds and chillies on a low flame to a golden brown shade.

Grind them to a fine masala paste.

Cook the vegetables in  a pressure cooker to 2 whistles.

Boil the masala for 5 mts adding 2 cups of water.

Add the sol, salt and the cooked vegetables and cook for another 2 mts.

Remove from the flame and keep it aside for 15 mts .

The Ghassi is ready for serving.

NOTE: Different vegetables can be used at different times.

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This curry is relished and enjoyed to the core by all Konkanies. Normal basic vegetable in this curry is  karaathe                   (karela/bitter gourd) .The dish can also be prepared using other vegetables like vaingan(brinjal), bhende( ladies finger),etc.


bitter gourd-250gms,

 masala(see masala preparation below) -2 tablespoons
dharmbya sol/kokam-2 small pieces,

salt to taste and 
oil for frying.


Clean and cut the vegetables in med. size pieces and deep fry in oil. Ensure that the fried pieces are not very crisp. 

Cook the masala with sol, salt,and a cup of water for 5 mts.

Add the fried vegetable and mix well. The curry is ready.

Masala Preparation:


ripe coconut scrapings or dry coconut(copra) gratings-500gms,
red chillies-15,
corriander seeds-2tbsps and

urid dal-1tsp.


Roast coconut scrapings/gratings, corriander seeds, urid dal and chillies, all together, on a low fire, till golden brown. 

Grind the above mix in a mixer without adding water till it forms liquid and becomes oily. Grind for two more minutes till the mix takes a smooth texture. This is called Masala.

Store the masala in an airtight  container/bottle.  It has a long shelf -life. It can be used whenever a masala curry is prepared.

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This is a spicy vegetable side dish which forms an important part of  the konkani menu on many occasions. It is wholesome and can be made with vegetables like ladies’ finger, brinjal,ridgegourd etc. It is very simple to prepare.















ladies’ finger(or any other vegetable)-250gms,
coconut scrapings-1 cup,
red chillies-4,
urad dal(blackgram dal)-2tsps,
methi(fenugreek) seeds-1/2tsp,
hing(solid)-1 small piece,
corriander seeds-2tsps,
tamarind-an avla size,
mustard seeds-1tsp,
salt to taste and

curry leaves.


Wash and cut ladies’ finger(okra) or any other vegetable in one inch long pieces and fry in little oil. Keep aside.

Also fry in oil corriander seeds, methi seeds, hing and urad dal to brown colour. Soak tamarind for a few minutes. Grind these fried items with coconut and tamarind to a paste(masala).

Cook the fried vegetable  in a vessel in 2cups of water for 5 mts. Add masala and salt. Cook for another 2 mts.

Do phannu(season) with mustard seeds and curry leaves in oil.

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This is a side dish with a sober taste and flavour . It is unique by itself.  A Sampraadan(temple feast) in Konkani temples is not complete without this dish.It is invariably prepared during festivals and at home during religious and wedding ceremonies. It is liked by one and all.


tur dal-1 cup,
red pumpkin-250gms,
coconut scrapings-1 cup,
red chllies-4,
turmeric powder-1/4tsp,
mustard seeds-1 tsp,
salt to taste,

Cumin seed(jeera)-1 tsp

coconut oil-1tsp,
curry leaves and
coconut scrapings-2tsps.(for seasoning)


Cook dal and vegetable separately.

Grind masala with coconut scrapings(1cup), turmeric powder and chillies.

Cook the masala,

Add dal, vegetable and salt and cook for 5 minutes.

Do phannu(season) with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, coconut scrapings and curry leaves.



It is similar to  type-1 as far as  ingredients and method are concerned, except  for the replacement of tur dal by moong(greengram) .

Many other combinations of vegetables and pulses such as yam and greengram,yam and tur dal, potatoes and tur dal, sopoor kook(chinese potatoes) and greengram can also be chosen, depending upon the availability and each one’s taste and preference.

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Valval is one of the konkani side dishes  prepared on festival days or on special occasions, holidays, parties, etc.It is a coconut based preparation . The preparation is very easy. This is a non-spicy item and the favourite of children.

red pumpkin- 1/4 kg,
white pumpkin- 1/4 kg,
colocasia- 1/4 kg,
long beans- 3 nos,
salt to taste,
coconut oil- 2tsp,
curry leaves,
coconut milk(available in the market)- 200 gms,
green chillies- 5 nos and

little hing powder.



Clean, wash and cut the vegetables into flat pieces . Split the

chillies in halves. Add together and cook in a pressure cooker till properly cooked.
Add salt, hing, curry leaves and coconut milk and boil for 1mt.
Remove from fire and add coconut oil.
Preparation of  fresh coconut milk:
Scrape one full coconut.
Add one  cup of water and grind in a mixer for 2 minutes.
Put it in a strainer and take the first milk. Keep aside.
Repeat the process with 1 to 1.5 cups of water along with the strained scrapings for 2 minutes. Strain again for the second milk.
Fresh coconut milk(first strained) is used as an ingredient for the above recipe and the second strained milk
is used for cooking the vegetables.

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