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Pikkalle Kajjuphaala Sukkein(Ripe Cashew Fruit Curry)

Cashew trees are grown mostly on the west coast of India. A few other places also grow them. The cashew apples/fruits are available in plenty wherever the trees are grown. These apples/fruits have diversified uses.  The first is to eat the ripe fruit in its fresh avatar. Children relish  it so much that they ignore even a slightly pungent taste exuded from it.  The second is to extract fenny from it. Third one is to use it for making curry and this curry as prepared by the Konkani community is very delicious.


cashew fruits-8,


coconut scrapings-1/2cup,

red chillies-2,


salt to taste,

curry leaves,


mustard seeds-1tsp.


Clean and cut cashew apples into big pieces.

In a pan, heat oil and add the mustard seeds.

When they pop, add the curry leaves along with the cut apples, jagerry and salt.

Cook till they become soft .

Grind the coconut scrapings, chillies and jeera in a mixer without adding water.

Add it to the cooked mix and cook it for 2 more mts on low flame till the curry becomes  dry.

Put off the flame.

The curry is ready.

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