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Nonche Ambya Sassam(Salted Mango  Dish)

This is a chutney used as a side dish with rice.

Nonche Ambya Sassam

Nonche Ambya Sassam


salted mangoes-1(small),

coconut scrapings-1cup(heap),

Red chillies-2(lightly fried in oil),

mustard seeds-1 1/2tsps,

coconut oil-1tsp,

curry leaves-a few,

Salt to taste(only if necessary, as the mango is already salted).


Cut the mangoes to small pieces.

Grind with coconut, chillies and 1/2tsp of mustard to a fine paste.

Add sufficient water to grind to make it to the required consistency.

Season with the remaining mustard and curry leaves in coconut oil.

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Nonche Ambya Tambaali(Salted Mango Chutney)

This chutney is very tasty and goes well with rice, dosa, chappatis etc.


salted mango-1 small(for salted mango refer recipe list)

coconut scrapings-2cups,

hing-a pinch(optional)

red chillies-5(fried in little oil)

mustard seeds-1tsp,


curry leaves-a few,

salt(only if it is essentially required-must be very cautious on this ).


Grind coconut, mango(cut into pieces)   and chillies together to a fine paste.

Season with mustard, hing and curry leaves in oil.

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The thick skin of the ridgegourd along with its ridges are normally thrown away as trash by most of the people. Konkanis make use of it to prepare a mouth-watering, tasty and spicy Thambali/Chutney.This goes well with the meals, pej(rice kanji) and even with dosa/idli.


ridgegourd skin along with its ridges-1 cup(cleaned and cut into small pieces),

corriander seeds-2tsps,

red chillies-4,

chana dal-1tsp,

urid dal-1tsp,

tamarind-a small avla size,


a pinch of methi seeds,

salt to taste and



Soak tamarind in very little water.

Fry  all the items, except the ridge gourd skin and salt.

Remove from the flame and transfer it to a small vessel.

In the same pan, fry the ridge gourd skin, using little oil for 5 mts on a low flame.

After it gets cooled,  grind all the items together.

Add salt and mix. If required, add little water to bring it to the chutney consistency.

This chutney can be used for a few days, if stored in a fridge.

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This is a special chutney made by konkanis on festival days. It is served as a side dish during meals.
tamarind-small lemon  size,
mustard seeds-1tsp,
methi seeds-1/8tsp,
pepper powder-1/2tsp,
rice flour-2tsps and
guller(a kind of vegetable available in Kerala)-6 nos.
 Soak tamarind  in little water for a few minutes and take out the pulp.
Mix jaggery, salt and tamarind pulp thoroughly.
Clean the guller, cut into pieces  and cook it in the above mix for 10mts.
Mix rice flour in little water and add it to the above boiling  masala  and cook for another minute. 
Do phannu(season)  with jeera, methi seeds, pepper, mustard seeds and curry leaves.
The Dhundu is now ready. It will have a chutney texture. 
NOTE: Ripe plantain can be used in place of guller.

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This chutney is prepared with the raw yam and is very simple to prepare and liked by all Konkanies. It is a delicacy amongst them. It is spicy and used in place of  pickle with the meal. This dish does not require elaborate pre-planning as it can be prepared with the vegetable and the condiments that are available easily.
yam – 200gs,
red chillies- 5,
hing -1/4tsp,
salt to taste,
tamarind – one small lemon size,
curry leaves  and
coconut oil-2tsp. 
Wash, peel and cut the yam into very small pieces.
Fry chillies  in oil.
Soak tamarind in very little water for a few minutes. 
Crush all the above items along with hing and salt to a course texture using a baby grinding stone or a grinding mixer.
Do phannu(season)  with  oil,curry leaves and mustard seeds.
This can be  used for a week if kept inside the fridge.

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This preparation is made from the locally available fully matured and ripe mango. During mango season, it  is a part of the  meal in the Konkani kitchen and can be prepared fast without any advance planning.


Ripe mangoes-3,

sugar(powdered)-1/4 cup,


green chillies-3 and

coconut oil-1/4tsp.


Remove the peel of the mangoes and separate the pulp.

Chop the chillies.

Mix all the items together. The chutney is ready.

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This is a fast preparation and can be made without any advance planning. As it has a spicy taste, it goes well with any of the meals.  
tamarind -1 lemon size,
green chillies-3,
hing powder- a pinch,
mustard seeds- 1tsp,
coconut oil- 1tsp,
salt to taste, and
fried papad-4.
Soak  tamarind in a cup of water for about an hour. Deseed it and separate the pulp.
Chop the green chillies.
Mix the cut chillies, hing powder, salt and tamarind pulp thoroughly.
Do phannu(season)  with mustard seeds and curry leaves in coconut  oil.
Crush the papads and add it to the above mix.
This can be preserved in a fridge and used for as long as a week.
Option:  Chopped onions and corriander leaves can be added according to the taste.

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