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This is a breakfast item, generally prepared on some festival days. It can be revisited on normal days also, depending upon the affinity for this item.


raw rice-1cup,

boiled rice-1cup,


coconut scrapings-1cup,

salt to taste.


Soak both varieties of rice together for 4 hrs.

Grind the soaked rice along with coconut and salt.

Add a little water to make a normal batter  or a bit watery than the dosa batter.

Mix the jeera.

Pour the contents in a deep pan.

Cook the batter, keeping it stirring, to the upma consistency.

Remove from flame.

On cooling, knead it a soft dough, using hands.

Make small cylindrical shapes or round balls out of it and steam for 5 to 8 mts.

Undis are ready.

Can be served with chutney, pickles, thiksaani hummaan(hot and spicy curry), sambar, etc.

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Kele Ukkallele(Steamed Banana)

This is a breakfast item. An easy preparation and is very nutritious, at the same time light on stomach.


ripe banana-4 nos(nentrapazham/kerala banana).


Steam the whole banana or cut into haves, in a cooker without weight for 20 mts.

The banana is ready to serve.

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Pathali is generally a sweet dish and relished as such. But for persons prone to the sugar ailments, a spicy pathali can be attempted.


raw rice flour-2 cups,

salt as per taste,

coconut scrapings-1 cup,

green chillies-3(finely chopped)

curry leaves(finely chopped),

a pinch of hing,

plantain leaves(cured and cut into pieces),

til(sesame seeds)-2 tsps, and

little oil


Knead the rice flour with little salt to a soft dough.

Mix all the other ingredients except oil with required salt(filling/puran).

Spread small portions of the dough on the leaf pieces, to a puri shape and size and very thin, applying a little oil on hands.

Put 2tsps of the filling/puran on each spread and close the leaf piece, sideways.

After all the dough and filling are used up, place the folded pieces in a cooker separator and steam for 20 mts.

Remove the steamed dish after they get cooled.


Chopped onions can be added to the filling according to the individual taste, in which case, the chopped onions can be fried to golden brown to get an inviting flavour and taste.

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Choona oondi(kozhukkattai) is normally made as a sweet. But it is also prepared as a spicy salted snack.


raw rice flour-1 cup,


coconut scrapings-1/2 cup,

green chillies-2(chopped finely)

curry leaves-few(chopped finely) and

til(sesame seeds)1tsp.


Boil 1 cup of water in a pan with little salt.

Add the flour and go on stirring till the water is completely evaporated.

After it is cooled,convert the cooked flour to a soft dough by kneading it with  hands.

Mix all the remaining items separately(call it puran).

Spread a little dough on hand applying little oil.

Place a spoonful of puran on it and close it, giving it a modak shape.

Continue till the puran/dough is completely utilised.

Steam them in a cooker separater for 15 mts.

It can be served, on cooling.

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This sweet is usually made on Sayana Ekadasi(laggachi parab) in Konkani homes. Urid dal is used in place of rice, as the rice is not normally used on Ekadasi days by religious people.


ripe banana-250gms,


urad dal-150gms,


Cardamom powder-1tspand



Wash and soak the dal for 3hrs.

Grind it to a fine texture with little water(batter should have a slight thick consistency to enable spread it on a leaf).

Mix jagerry and the coconut scrapings(scrape the coconut) and cook this mix on a flame.

Wait till it gets thickened. Remove from the flame. Cut the banana into very small pieces Add the cardamom powder and mix  with the jagerry coconut mix.

Mix salt with the urid dal batter.

Spread a little batter on a small piece of cured banana leaf (grease the leaf before use) to form a thin layer. Place 2 tbsps of the above prepared banana mix on the spread batter .Fold the sides of the leaf.(Curing of the leaf is done by holding the leaf just above the flame for seconds to get a soft texture).

Repeat the process till the complete batter or banana mix is exhausted.

When all are done, steam them together in a cooker separator for 10mts.

it gets cooled remove them from the cooker.

Kelya Pathaali is ready for serving.

Optional: Cashewnuts/almonds(cut into pieces)/kismis fried in ghee can be added to the filling.

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Poot (puttu in malayalam) is a kind of cylindrical steamed rice cake made for breakfast. Konkanis, who have settled down in Kerala a few centuries back have adopted this breakfast item as a delicacy for breakfast. The best side dish that goes extremely well with this breakfast is the chana curry. This combination makes it almost a brunch. The other side items that goes as a favourite for a few , are fried papads, ripe bananas, plain sugar, etc.

A variation of poot(puttu) is its sweet version , made by using jaggery.



Rice flour-2 cups,

salt -little and

coconut scrapings-1 cup.


Mix rice flour, salt and a spoonful of coconut.

Add a little water to make the flour just wet, to form very small ganules. Please note that water should not be in excess.

In the cylindrical puttu vessel, first insert the perforated bottom holder.

Spread a few coconut scrapings on the bottom holder to start with.

Then fill the vessel with the flour(approx 2″ height), spread the coconut scrapings again over the rice powder, repeat the process of filling alternatively with flour and coconut scrapings till the puttu vessel is full.  Finally, place the lid on the top.

Place the puttu vessel on an ordinary steaming vessel or if it is a pressure cooker adaptable puttu vessel, place it on the whistle opening of the pressure cooker and steam it (that variety of machine is available in the market) for about 10 mts(When properly cooked, steam will come out through the holes on the top lid).

Remove the puttu vessel from the cooker, holding it with a cloth and push the bottom holder with the help of any wooden/steel rod so that all the layers come out and placed on a large holding plate.  Puttu is ready now.

If there is still some rice powder left out , the above process can be repeated.


For making the goda poot/sweet puttu, mix some jaggery with coconut scrapings and use this mix in place of the plain coconut scrapings.



In place of rice flour, tapioca flour can be used to make tapioca puttu.Variation 1 can also be adopted in case of this puttu.



Black chana-1 cup,

corriander seeds-2 tsps,

red chillies-2,


pepper-1/2 tsp,

whole hing -a small piece,

Garam masala powder-1 tsp(optional),

mustard seeds-1tsp,

ginger-1/2″ piece,

tamarind-a small avla size,

coconut scrapings-2 tbsps,

salt to taste,

coconut oil-2 tsps,

onion chopped-1/2 cup(optional) and

curry leaves.


Clean and soak chana for 8 hrs.

Cook it in the pressure cooker for 20 mts.(after the first whistle, keep it on a low flame).

In a pan, fry all the condiments using very little oil.

Grind the fried condiments along with the coconut scrapings to a fine paste.

Keep aside 1/4th of the cooked chana.

Soak tamarind and remove the pulp.

Mix the 3/4 quantity chana, ground masala, salt and the tamarind pulp and cook  for 2 to 3 mts.

Mash the remaining chana, add it to the above mix and  cook for another 2 mts.

Switch off the flame.

Do phannu(season) with mustard seeds and curry leaves in oil.

Curry is ready for serving.

NOTE: If onion is used, fry the onion in little oil and add to the above curry.

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For undi 
 raw rice -2cups,
coconut scrapings -1cup,
red chilly-1(cut in to 2,3 pieces),
methi seeds-a few,
mustard seeds-1tsp,
coconut oil-1tsp  and
curry leaves.
For Thoy
tur dal-1cup,
chilly powder-1/2tsp,
turmeric powder-a pinch,
hing- a pinch,   ,
mustard seeds- 1tsp,
 salt to taste,  
curry leaves and
Cook dal and add salt.
Do phannu(season) with mustard seeds ,chilly powder,turmeric powder, hing and curry leaves.
Add water to get a reasonable liquid consistency.
Soak rice for 3hrs and grind it with coconut scrapings and salt. 
Crackle the mustard seeds in oil in a pan, add chilly,methi seeds and curry leaves and the rice batter.
Keep cooking the mix while continuously stirring it while adding the batter. Cook it to upma consistency.
On cooling, form balls(undis) out the cooked dough and put them in the seasoned dal when it is boiling. Cook for 10 mts on a low fire.
Allow undis to get well soaked in the dal and then serve them in a dish along with a small portion of dal.

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idli rawa-2cups,
coconut scrapings-1cup,
urid dal-1tsp,
mustard seeds-1tsp,
oil -1tap,
jeera-1tsp and
salt according to taste.        ,
Wash the rawa,remove water and keep aside for 10 mts for soaking.
Grind the coconut scrapings adding some water. Add salt and sugar to it.
Add the soaked rawa to the above ground mix and mix well. The batter is ready for further cooking.
Do phannu(season) with mustard seeds,urid dal and jeera in oil and add to the batter.
Pour the batter in a kadai and cook ,stirring it continuously to bring it to the upma consistency.
Switch off the flame.
When it comes to a warm state, make small cylindrical shapes out of it and steam them in a cooker without weight or in an idli stand  for 10 mts.
Oondis are ready for serving and can be served with any side dish such as chutney, sauce, pickle or any other spicy side dish.

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A very simple steamed preparation . It is an idli type item and very easy to make. The dish is very tasty and nutritious. This is a very common preparation made in konkani homes. 


urad dal-1 cup,

moong dal-2 cups,

green chillies(chopped)-4,

ginger-1” piece and

salt to taste.


Soak dals together  for 3 hrs.

Grind them to a very fine  consistency adding sufficient water.

Add salt and mix well.

Apply a bit of oil inside a container , pour the batter in it and steam it in a cooker without the safety weight for 15 mts or till done.

Any kind of chutney or hot  and spicy dish can go along with this preparation.

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