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This is a wholesome breakfast in many South Indian homes. It is also very convenient to prepare, when guests are around.

For Puris.


Whole wheat flour(atta)-2cups,

salt-to taste,

oil for frying.


Mix atta and salt and make a tough and hard dough.

Apply little oil and knead well and keep aside for 15 mts.

Heat oil in a pan.

Roll out puris on a flat wooden surface. .

Deep fry them, one by one.

Fry both sides on getting golden brown.

Puris are ready.

For Masala.



green chillies-4,

ginger-1″ piece,


chana dal-1tsp,

mustard seeds-1tsp,

turmeric powder-1/4tsp,

curry leaves-a few,

corriander leaves-2tbsps(cleaned and chopped),

salt to taste,

curry leaves-a few,



Cook the potatoes.

Mash them well.

Cut the chillies and ginger to small pieces.

Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds and when it flutters, add the chana dal and saute a little to golden brown.

Add chillies, ginger and turmeric powder and curry leaves.

Fry for a minute.

Add chopped tomatoes and a cup of water along with salt and cook for 5 more mts on medium flame.

Add the mashed potatoes and mix well.

Add more water, if necessary, to get one’s own required consistency.

Boil well and remove from flame.

Add chopped corriander leaves and mix well.

The masala is ready.


Onions can be added as per choice.They are to be added while frying the green chillies and other spices.

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Thiksani Puri(Masala Puri)

Plain puris are prepared with wheat flour, for morning breakfast or to eat with meals. But a slightly crunchy evening snack with tea/coffee  can also be prepared with the wheat flour. This is called thiksani or masala puri. The preparation is very easy.


















wheat flour-2cups,

chilly powder-1/2tsp,

turmeric powder-1/4tsp,

jeera powder-1/2tsp,

hing powder-1/8tsp,

salt to taste,

oil for frying.


Mix all the condiments with the wheat flour and make a soft dough, using water.

Keep it for 10mts.

Make thin puris, the size of normal puris, and deep fry in oil, one by one,  till both sides are cooked. This can be consumed by itself without any side dish.


Chopped methi leaves can be added while making the dough, as per choice.

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God Rontoss(Sweet Rice Puri)

This sweet puri can is generally used as a snack.


methi seeds -1/4 tsp(roasted and powdered),

jagerry-1/4 cup,


rice flour-2cups,

oil for frying.


Dissolve jagerry in little water boiling on a flame.

When it is cooled, mix the other items and make a soft dough. If necessary, add a little more water.

Grease two 4″ sq. plastic paper pieces on one side.

Cull out small portions of the dough and make small puris by keeping in-between the plastic paper pieces and pressing it uniformly with hands.

Deep fry in oil, one by one. When one side is done turn to the other side so that both sides are cooked properly.

Sweet rontoss is ready.

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Rontos and Thoy.

It is a well known Konkani delicacy, usually prepared on holidays and enjoyed in a leisurely way. Basically it is a children’s favourite. The combination is eaten either by spreading the Rontoss in a thali and pouring the thoy over the rontoss, or making pieces of the rontoss and spreading thoy over it or by dipping the rontoss pieces in thoy. It should be ensured that in the first two methods of eating , the combination should not get too much soggy.


For Rontos
rice flour-   2  cups,
oil for frying.
For Thoy
tur dal-1 cup,

one small potato
green chillies-3   (cut into halves)
salt to taste and
curry leaves.
Knead flour with salt and warm water and make soft dough. Make small balls of dough and keep each ball in between two greased  plastic papers , press  and spread it by hand to make it like  puris .Deep fry in oil. While frying , slighly tap the puri at the centre to make it fluffy.
Cook dal . Cook separately potatos cut in small pieces. Thoy is made by adding required water, chillies and salt to the cooked dal and potato pieces. The consistency of thoy should be slightly thicker than the normal thoy. Hence the water should accordingly be added. Boil it for 2 to 3 minutes. Give tadka (phanna) with oil, mustard seeds and curry leaves. This is the best combination for the rontoss.

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