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This is a great delicacy in most of the conservative Konkani homes and it is a very common preparation in most homes in Kerala. As it is very light on your digestive system, it becomes a preferred preparation, especially during convalescense, after fever and other ailments. As the rice used in this preparation is intact with its brawn, the nutrition values contained in it gives lot of metabolic boost in recovering.

Many side dishes like potato/pulses hummaan(a sort of spicy side dish, detailed elsewhere), tambale puddi and fried/roasted papads go very well to stimulate the appetite and eat well.


boiled rice(red)-1 cup and

water-6 cups.


Wash the rice well.

Add water and pressure cook.

After the first whistle, bring the flame on the low and cook for about 20 mts.

Do not remove the excess water.

On the release of the steam, open the cooker.

Kanji is ready for serving.

The side dish for this kanji  will normally the grain/potato humman and tambale puddi.

Preparation of humman:


Any one of the grains  like moong, chouli, chana(brown), peas etc-1cup

(in case of chana and peas, soak them for 6 hrs before use)

chilli powder-1tsp,

mustard seeds-1tsp,


salt to taste and

curry leaves.


Cook the grain to a very soft consistency in a pressure cooker.

Add salt  and required water to bring to a liquid consistency.

Boil for 2 mts.

Do  phannu(season) with chilli powder,mustard seeds and curry leaves.

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White Rice (seeth)


1 cup raw rice fine
2 cups water


Wash rice thoroughly and add the water in a vessel. Pressure cook for three whistles. Open the cooker after all the pressure is gone.

H-H-Hint  If the used rice vessel is required again immediately, just rinse the vessel and keep it upside down for 2 to 3 minutes. It can then be washed easily.

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