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This sweet snack is very tasty and easy to prepare. All age groups should be able to relish it.


Ripe nentra banana-1,

jagerry-1 cup,

rice flour-2cups(approx),

chilli powder-1/2tsp,

cardamom powder-1/2tsp,

a pinch of salt,

oil for frying.


Mash the banana well.

Add jagerry, chilli powder, cardamom powder, salt and mix well.

The jagerry should be thoroughly mixed.

Add rice flour and make a soft dough. Little water can be added to get the proper consistency. If the dough turns out very soft, little more flour can be added to have a proper consistency to be able to cull out small balls out of it and roll out puris properly.

Make thick small puris using a thin plastic paper sheet, smeared with oil on the top.

Deep fry in oil  to a brown texture. Fry both sides. Collect them over a large paper towel piece.

Vodo is ready.

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