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Ambsat(Mango Pulp-Dried).

During summer season, mangoes are available in plenty. Besides enjoying them in its fresh avatar, for use during the off-season, pulp can be extracted from mangoes, dried and stored.


Fully ripe mangoes-10(large).


Remove the pulp of 2 mangoes and run for a minute in a mixer to get the smooth pulp.

Spread it uniformly on a plastic sheet to 1/2 cm thickness.

Dry it in the hot sun for a day.

The next day, remove the pulp of another 2 mangoes and spread over the first layer. Dry again for the full day.

Repeat the process till all the mangoes are done.

Totally there will be 5 layers.

Then dry the whole mass in 5 layers until fully dried.

Cut into pieces and store.

Can be consumed as a sweet.

Note: The pulp should be kept at a dust-free location for drying.


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