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Mugga Paysu(Whole Moong Kheer)

This is also a preparation similar to chonya dali paysu(chana dal kheer). But in this case the whole moong is used in the preparation of kheer.


Whole moong-100 gms,

thick coconut milk-2 cups(see tag coconut milk)

jagerry-250 gms,

cashewnuts-a few(cut into pieces),

ghee-1 tsp,

cardamom powder-1 tsp,

a pinch of salt.


Cook moong  in the 2nd and 3rd extract of coconut milk to a soft texture.

Mash it a bit.

Add the jagerry and boil well.

Add the thick coconut milk(1st extract), just bring to a boil and remove from flame.

Fry cashewnuts in ghee.

Add cashews and cardamom powder and mix well.

The kheer is ready.

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Semia Paysu(Vermicelli Kheer)

This kheer is very easy to prepare. It is very delicious and is a favourite of all age groups and enjoyed to the last spoon.


Semia(vermicelli)-100 gms,

milk-1 litre,

cashewnuts-10(to cut into pieces) ,

kismis-1 tbsp,

sugar-200 gms and

cardamom powder-1/2 tsp.





Roast the semia in a dry pan, till light brown.

Boil the milk and add the semia and cook till the semia becomes soft(Do not cook the semia in the fresh milk. The milk may get spoilt).

Add the sugar and boil again.

Keep the flame always on low.

Cook the kheer for at least 15 mts to bring the proper texture and flavour.

Remove from the flame and add the cardamom powder.

Fry the cashewnuts and kismis in little ghee and add to the kheer. Mix well.

The Kheer/Paysu is ready.


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This kheer is prepared as  an alternative to Panchagadai on Janmashtami day.


Chana dal-250gms,


coconut -1(large),

cashew nuts-12(split to halves),

cardamom powder-1tsp. and



Extract coconut milk(see’Tag’ COCONUT for details).

Mix 2nd and 3rd milk together and cook the dal in it to a very soft texture. Mash it lightly.

Add jagerry and when it is completely dissolved, add cashew nuts and on boiling,  add the 1st coconut milk.

Remove from flame, when it is about to boil.

Add ghee and cardamom powder and mix well.

Do not boil the kheer after adding the 1st milk.

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This kheer is made in the malayalam month of karkadagam in konkani homes. Also this kheer is given to the newly delivered mothers to increase the  quantity of the breast milk.  A few  methi seeds  soaked in water and consumed raw,helps to reduce hypertension. This kheer is  very easy to prepare.


raw  rice-1 cup,

methi(fenugreek) seeds-1tbsp,

jagerry-1 cup,


salt-1/2tsp and

cardamom powder-1/2tsp.


Soak methi for 3 hrs.

Extract coconut milk(Click on Tag “COCONUT” for details).

Cook the rice and methi using the 2nd and the 3rd milk.

Add jagerry and boil till the jagerry is dissolved.

Add the 1st coconut milk and boil again for a minute.

Remove from the flame and add the cardamom powder and mix well.

Kheer is ready.

NOTE: This kheer can also be made using coconut scrapings in place of the coconut milk.

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This kheer is easy to prepare and is very tasty. The only precaution to be taken is to see that the parched rice should not be soaked for a longer time to avoid it being soggy in the kheer.


parched(flattened) rice-200gms(preferably red),



cardamom powder-1tsp,

cashew nuts-10,

kismis-a few and



Extract  coconut milk(click on Tag ‘Coconut’ for details).

Mix the 2nd and 3rd milk and add jagerry to it to prepare a jagerry solution.

Boil the mix in a pan for 5mts.

Soak the parched  rice in very little water and add it to the jagerry solution immediately. Cook for another one minute.

Add the 1st coconut milk , mix well and switch off the flame just before it starts boiling.

After adding the 1st milk, the kheer should not be boiled.

Fry the cashews and kismis in ghee and add to the kheer along with cardamom powder and mix well.

The kheer is ready.

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cardamom powder-1tsp and



Wash and soak the ragi for 8hrs.

Drain the water and grind it in a mixer adding sufficient water.

Filter the water and grind the sediments  again, adding water and filter again.

Repeat the process 3 or 4 times so that all the fine contents of ragi is separated from the coarse sediments.

Collect all the filtered water and keep it for 1 hour. Once the fine sediments settle down at the bottom, remove the clear water on the top of the fine sediments.

Grind the coconut to a very fine texture(paste).

Add jaggery to the fine ragi sediments and mix and cook it on a medium flame. Keep stirring till the ragi is cooked properly.

Add the ground coconut paste and cook for a few more minutes.

If required, little water can be added.

Remove it from the flame and add the ghee and cardamom powder and mix well.

Kheer is ready.

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This paysu made from already cooked  rice(or even left over cooked rice) and is very easy to prepare.


cooked rice-2 cups,

jaggery-1 cup,

coconut scrapings-1/2 cup,


salt-1/4tsp and

cardamom powder-1tsp.


Mix rice, jagerry, salt and 1/2 cup of water and keep it on a medium flame.

Once jaggery gets dissolved, cook the mix till the water is completely evaporated and it starts sticking on sides. Keep stirring while the mix gets cooked.

Add ghee  and the coconut scrapings and cook it for 5 more minutes on a low flame.

Remove from the stove, add cardamom powder and mix well.

Kut Paysu(dry payasam/kheer) is ready for serving.


Chopped cashewnuts and kismis fried in litle ghee can also be added as per taste.

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