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Ingredients :
idli batter-4cups,
green chillies(to be chopped)-4nos and
ginger-a small piece(to be de-skinned and nicely chopped).
Add the chopped chillies and ginger to the batter and mix well.
Use an appam  pan to prepare the appams.
Heat the pan on a medium flame, splash a little oil in all the moulds of the pan  and then fill the moulds with the batter to only 3/4 capacity. Cook the appams on a low flame.
Once the top is cooked ( it can be checked with a sharp knife), turn it upside down with the help of a  flat spoon or knife and cook it again till it is fully done.
Can be served with any type of chutney/spicy dish/pickle.
Note: Seasoning with mustard seeds and finely chopped curry leaves in oil can be added to the battter to add more taste and flavour.

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Polo(dosa) is like a pancake and is an excellent breakfast and tiffin varitey. Whether young or old everybody enjoys either a crispy or a soft and fluffy polo. Crispness of polo can also be adjusted depending upon individual taste. With the same batter,soft and thick polos can be prepared. To make paper-like polo use more raw rice for preparing the batter. The proportion is given below.The batter preparation for polo is similar to that of Idli.
Dosa is relished more in its masala dosa avatar. The preparation for a tasty masala dosa would be given in a later post.

The side dishes given under idli for eating it, goes well with polo too.

Raw rice -3cups,
Boiled rice-1cup,
Urad dal-1cup (for wet grinder), or 1-1/2 cups (for mixer)and
Salt to taste.


The procedure for soaking and grinding of the batter is the same as for idli batter. 

Keep the polo Kayli (tawa) on the stove, keeping the burner in medium flame. After the kayli is heated, smear a bit of oil on the surface of kayli. Spread the batter uniformly in a circular shape on the kayli and cover it with a lid until done.

Polo can be prepared with out a lid, for this spread the batter, cook one side for some time and after a few minutes turn it upside down for even cooking.

To make a crisp dosa spread the batter as mentioned above add sufficient oil and cook without lid on a low fame for a longer period. Serve hot.

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Rontos and Thoy.

It is a well known Konkani delicacy, usually prepared on holidays and enjoyed in a leisurely way. Basically it is a children’s favourite. The combination is eaten either by spreading the Rontoss in a thali and pouring the thoy over the rontoss, or making pieces of the rontoss and spreading thoy over it or by dipping the rontoss pieces in thoy. It should be ensured that in the first two methods of eating , the combination should not get too much soggy.


For Rontos
rice flour-   2  cups,
oil for frying.
For Thoy
tur dal-1 cup,

one small potato
green chillies-3   (cut into halves)
salt to taste and
curry leaves.
Knead flour with salt and warm water and make soft dough. Make small balls of dough and keep each ball in between two greased  plastic papers , press  and spread it by hand to make it like  puris .Deep fry in oil. While frying , slighly tap the puri at the centre to make it fluffy.
Cook dal . Cook separately potatos cut in small pieces. Thoy is made by adding required water, chillies and salt to the cooked dal and potato pieces. The consistency of thoy should be slightly thicker than the normal thoy. Hence the water should accordingly be added. Boil it for 2 to 3 minutes. Give tadka (phanna) with oil, mustard seeds and curry leaves. This is the best combination for the rontoss.

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