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This is a snack made with skinned urad dal(dal with chilka) instead of the usual white(de-skinned) dal. Besides being fibrous, it is also nutritious. The batter is slightly dark in colour because of the dal skin. It tastes very good.



skinned(black) urid dal-1/2cup,

boiled rice-1cup,

raw rice-1/2cup,



salt to taste,

oil for frying the appams.


Soak the dal and rice for 5 hrs separately.

Both the rice varieties can be combined together for soaking.

Grind the dal to a smooth texture as is being ground for dosa.

Grind rice to a coarser texture.

Add salt, pepper and jeera and mix well.

Ferment the batter for 6 hrs.

Heat appam pan(pan with appam depressions), put little oil in all depressions and pour the batter to 3/4 level in each depression.

Keep the flame on medium.

When one side is done, turn to the other side in the hollow itself, by using a pointed needle, similar to the knitting needle.

When done, remove the appams.

Repeat the process till the batter is exhausted.

Can be served with sambar, chutney or any other hot and spicy curries.

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Ingredients :
idli batter-4cups,
green chillies(to be chopped)-4nos and
ginger-a small piece(to be de-skinned and nicely chopped).
Add the chopped chillies and ginger to the batter and mix well.
Use an appam  pan to prepare the appams.
Heat the pan on a medium flame, splash a little oil in all the moulds of the pan  and then fill the moulds with the batter to only 3/4 capacity. Cook the appams on a low flame.
Once the top is cooked ( it can be checked with a sharp knife), turn it upside down with the help of a  flat spoon or knife and cook it again till it is fully done.
Can be served with any type of chutney/spicy dish/pickle.
Note: Seasoning with mustard seeds and finely chopped curry leaves in oil can be added to the battter to add more taste and flavour.

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