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This ia a common snack used throughout India to go along with evening coffee/tea or in some places along with the lunch also. Preparation is very simple.


besan-250 gms,

Ajwain powder(ova)-12tsps,

chilli powder-2tsps,

turmeric powder-1/2tsp,

salt to taste and

oil for mixing with dough and frying.


Mix all the items along with 1 tbsp of oil and make a soft dough.

Heat oil in a pan for frying sevein.

Make sevein with the help of a sev machine and directly drop it in the hot oil, while pressing the machine.The quantity of sevein should be just enough to fry them easily in the pan, as well as rolling them over for proper frying.

Fry it, rolling them over once or twice, till you have them crispy.(A reasonable judgement of the readiness can be had on looking at the froth/foam floating on the oil. The near stoppage of frothing/foaming indicates the readiness of sevein for taking it out of the oil)

Repeat the process till the dough is exhausted

Remove the sevein from the oil, using a perforated laddle.

Once all the sevein is done and it gets cooled, store it in an airtight container.

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Fresh rice  noodles are made from raw rice or boiled rice according to the taste of the family. Varieties of  snacks are made using the rice noodles . They can be either salty or sweet.

The contrivance used for making this Sevein is different from the usual Sevein machine used for making the fried Sevein. It is slightly difficult to make it as it needs application of extra pressure for pressing it, but the taste of the freshly made Sevein at home simply overrides the inconvenience  felt while pressing. And it is that much more hygienic, and can replace ready made  products  available in the market.



raw rice/boiled rice-2 cups and



Soak the rice for 3hrs in the case of raw rice and 6hrs in the case of boiled rice.

Grind adding sufficient water to a very fine  batter(the consistency can be lightly more watery than the idli dough). Add salt and mix well.

There are two methods of  preparation.


Steam  the batter in a container in the cooker .

When  fully cooked, cut into pieces and pass through the Sevein machine, while it is hot. Do not allow it to cool down for pressing Sevein, since pressure required will be much more than when it is done hot.

Keep the Sevein for 2hrs for cooling, before use.


Cook the batter in a pan till it comes to upma consistency, then pass it through the machine  for making Sevein and steam the pressed Sevein i a cooker keeping it on a plate.

Cool the Sevein for 2hrs before use.

Varieties of Snacks made from Sevein:

Sevein Upma:



green chllies-3,

mustard seeds-1tsp,


salt to taste,

coconut scrapings-1/2 cup,

oil-1tasps and

curry leaves.


Heat oil in a pan. Crackle mustard seeds and then add jeera, chopped green chillies and curry leaves. Fry for 2 mts.

Add the Sevien and salt. Mix well. Keep it on a low fire 5 mts.

Add coconut scrapings and cook for another 2 mts. Sevein Upma is ready to serve.

Lemon Sevein:


sevein(scrambled)-2 cups,


chana dal-1tsp,

ground nuts(fried)-a few,

green chillies-4,

turmeric powder-1/2 tsp,

salt to taste,

mustard seeds-1tsp,


oil-1 tasps, and

curry leaves.


Heat oil in a pan. Crackle mustard seeds and add chana dal, chopped green chillies,hing, and turmeric powder. Keep it on low fire.Squeeze the lemon and add the juice along with  Sevein, salt and the groundnuts and cook for 5 mts.

Sevein in coconut milk.


sevein(scrambled)-2 cups,

coconut milk-1cup,

jaggery(powdered)-1cup and

cardamom powder-1tsp.


Add jaggery in little water. Boil it.

After the jaggery is completely mixed in water, add coconut milk and just cook for a minute.

Remove from fire and add cardamom powder.

The sevein  is to be served keeping the savein in the plate and pouring the liquid over it.

It will be a dish par excellent in taste.

Sweet Sevein:


sevein(scrambled)-2 cups,

jaggery(powdered)-1 cup,

coconut scrapings-1cup  and

cardamom powder-1tsp.


Mix well, coconut scrapings, cardamom powder and jaggery. Mix with the Sevein and serve.

This will be another excellent dish relished by everyone in the family, including the young kids.

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