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raw rice-2cups,
green chillies-6,
salt to taste and
 jeera 1tsp.
Soak rice for 4 hrs.
Grind rice nicely with chillies  and salt.
Add 16 cups of water, jeera  and hing to the rice batter,and cook it on a medium flame. It needs to be continous stirred while getting cooked.It needs to acquire a thick texture, so that blobs can be dropped with the help of the hand.
Cool it down to the room temperature.
Pour blobs of the cooked batter with the help of the hands on a plastic sheet.
Dry the blobs in  the sun.When  it is half-dry, remove them from the sheet and again dry them in the sun, till all the moisture is driven out and they acquire a crispy texture.
If the cooked batter contains a bit of excess water, blobs can spread with the help of a teaspoon to make papads instead of vodis/fritters.
In place of jeera , chopped onions or chopped garlic can be used. Onion /garlic need not  be cooked. They can just be chopped/cut and  added to the batter.
Instead of making vodis by pouring blobs, the batter can be spread on the plastic sheet in the shape of papad by using a laddle. In that case, the batter should be slightly watery to spread it to the papad shape.

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raw rice 2cups,
pearl sago(sabudana)-1 cup ,
green chillies-6,
hing-1/8 and
salt to taste.
Soak rice and sago separately for 4 hrs.
Grind rice with chillies  and salt. 
Grind sago separately,  adding a cup of water.
Mix the rice and sago batter.
Add hing and jeera to the batter mix.
Add 24 cups of water and cook .Go on stirring till it thickens, but able to pour blobs.
Cool it down to the room temperature.
Pour blobs on a plastic sheet and dry them in the sun, till the blobs come out on its own without sticking and become crispy. Vodis/Fritters are ready.
Remove them from the sheet and store them in an air-tight container in a dry place. 
These can be fried and served during meals. Even a simple meal acquires a delicious taste with these vodis/fritters. 
Vodi(fritters) with plain saga can also be made. Soak the sago in water and grind to paste. Add sufficient water to cook it to the vodi consistancy and then make vodis.

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