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Theela Pitto(Spicy Til Powder)

This is a dry spicy chutney powder used during meals or even as a dosa powder. It is very easy to prepare and tastes very good.

Thila Pitto(Spicy Til Powder)


black til-100 gms,

red  chillies-5,

hing-a pinch,

oil-1/2 tsp,

salt to taste.


Fry chillies in oil, till light brown.

Roast til in a dry pan, till it sputters.

When it cools down, grind all the items in a mixer to a coarse texture.

The chutney powder is ready.


A few cloves of garlic can be added while frying the chillies, as per choice.

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urad dal-1cup,
chana dal-1/2cup,
solid hing-a small piece,
red chillies-6 or more as per taste ,
til-2tsps and
salt according to taste.
Roast  all the items together, except salt,  in a pan without oil, to a brown shade .
After it is cooled, grind it in a mixer to a course texture. Add salt and mix well.
Store in airtight bottle.
This has a very long shelf-life and is a ready- to- use side dish for dosa/idli/similar preparations.

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This is a konkani side dish. It is used by Konkanis as an alternative to pickles or sometimes along with the pickles also during any function in the house . It goes well with watery rice ( In Konkani, it is called Pej and in malayalam it is called, Kanji). Add a kerala pappad , ookari of any vegetable and oomaan of any lentle other than toor dal as an accompaniment. The meal becomes a simple food , so nutritious and very relishing. The flavour of the whole meal is  great .
 Ripe coconut-1(medium) or dry coconut-1,
Chana dal-1/4kg,
dania seeds-100gms,
red chillies-10,
tamarind-1lemon size,
salt to taste and curry leaves-a small  bunch.


Method: Fry coconut,chillies and curry leaves together
till golden brown.Remove from fire. Fry dry the dals
 and dania seperately. When cool grind  the dals and dhania to  fine powder.
Grind  dry the  fried coconut  mixture  in a mixer till oil seperates.
Grind till smooth.
Add tamarind and salt and salt and grind again.  Pour the masala into a plate.
 Add the ground  powder little by little and mix well.
This will look like  a brown powder.

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