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Sukkeileli Miryasaang(Green Chillies-Dried)

Green chillies can be seasoned, dried and stored. On deep frying, it goes well with curd rice, pej, etc.


green chillies-200gms,

tamarind-1 lemon size,

hing powder-1/2tsp,



Soak the tamarind in 3 cups of water for an hour.

Squeeze and  filter the tamarind water. Add salt and hing and mix well.

Wash the chillies in water, prick them with a needle to make small holes to enable absorbtion of tamarind solution and put them in the tamarind solution.

Mix well and keep it overnight.

Next morning, remove the chillies and spread them on a plastic sheet and dry in the sun for the whole day.

In the evening, put the dried chillies again in the already prepared tamarind solution  and leave it overnight.

Remove the chillies, next day morning and again dry it in the sun, the whole day.

Repeat this process, till all the tamarind solution is completely absorbed by the chillies.

On completing the above process, dry the chillies, until they are fully done.

After fully dried, store them in an airtight container.

It can be deep fried and used as and when required, along with ordinary meal, in place of papad, curd rice, pej, etc.

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The peels and seeds of the ash gourd,pumpkin etc are always thrown away. But they can be used by treating and drying them in the sun. They are fried and partaken with the meals , sometimes replacing the papads,vaadis etc.The process is very simple.

A reasonable quantity of the peels(cut into small pieces) and seeds rolled in requisite quantity of salt is sun dried for 2 to 3 days.

After it gets completely dried, store them in an airtight container.

They can be deep fried, whenever required, and can be used with the meals.

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Many vegetables cut and mixed in dal batter, can be dried in the sun and preserved for a long time and used whenever required as an alternative to papad or any other fried items going with the meals. Vegetables such as beans, cluster beans. ladysfinger, chouli(long beans), etc are used for such purposes. The preparatoin is very simple and easy.

Even the waste parts  of the vegetables like outer skin of the long beans(chouli)(cut into pieces) and  stems(thurmban) of red as well as green chillies can also be used similarly for the purpose.


any one of the vegetable-1kg,

urid dal-1 cup,

red chillies-15,

hing-1/4 tsp and

salt to taste(when dried, the quantity will reduce a lot).

Add salt accordingly.


Soak dal for 3 hrs. Grind with chillies and hing to a fine paste.

Cut the vegetables to very small pieces. Mix the vegetables, salt and the batter well.

Spread the mix in small  quanties(in lobes) like vadis on plastic sheets and dry them under the hot sun.

When dried, the lobes will come out easily  from the sheet.

Drying has to be done for 2 to 3 days, so that, all water is evaporated.

Store in an air tight container.

Whenever required, this can be deep fried.

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dried tapioca powder-2cups,
water-12cups, and
salt to taste. 
Mix well  the tapioca powder and salt in the water and cook till the mass becomes thick, but to a pouring consistency. The mix needs to be continuosly stirred.
When it gets cooled, pour blobs on  a plastic sheet and dry in the sun for 2 to 3 days.
Remove the dried vodis from the sheet and if necessary, dry them again till the moisture is completely evaporated and they take a crispy texture.
Store them in an air-tight container in a dry place and use them as and when required.

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urid dal- 2cups,
red chillies-8,
salt to taste,
turmeric powder-1/2tsp and
vegetables- 1/2kg.
 Soak the dal for 4 hrs.
Grind dal with salt,hing ,turmeric powder and chillies to a fine paste.  Add water little by little while grinding. 
Chop any one of the preferred vegetable and add it to the batter and mix well.
Pour blobs on a plastic sheet and dry them in the Sun. When they ae half-dried , remove them from the plastic sheet and again put them on the sheet and dry them till they become devoid of moisture and a crispy texture is acquired.
The vegetables normally used are banana tree stem(gabbo), bitter gourd, koduvi(a type of leafy vegetable ), methi leaves,white pumpkin etc,etc. In case of pumpkin,grate it and remove the water  by pressing with hands.

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raw rice-2cups,
green chillies-6,
salt to taste and
 jeera 1tsp.
Soak rice for 4 hrs.
Grind rice nicely with chillies  and salt.
Add 16 cups of water, jeera  and hing to the rice batter,and cook it on a medium flame. It needs to be continous stirred while getting cooked.It needs to acquire a thick texture, so that blobs can be dropped with the help of the hand.
Cool it down to the room temperature.
Pour blobs of the cooked batter with the help of the hands on a plastic sheet.
Dry the blobs in  the sun.When  it is half-dry, remove them from the sheet and again dry them in the sun, till all the moisture is driven out and they acquire a crispy texture.
If the cooked batter contains a bit of excess water, blobs can spread with the help of a teaspoon to make papads instead of vodis/fritters.
In place of jeera , chopped onions or chopped garlic can be used. Onion /garlic need not  be cooked. They can just be chopped/cut and  added to the batter.
Instead of making vodis by pouring blobs, the batter can be spread on the plastic sheet in the shape of papad by using a laddle. In that case, the batter should be slightly watery to spread it to the papad shape.

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raw rice 2cups,
pearl sago(sabudana)-1 cup ,
green chillies-6,
hing-1/8 and
salt to taste.
Soak rice and sago separately for 4 hrs.
Grind rice with chillies  and salt. 
Grind sago separately,  adding a cup of water.
Mix the rice and sago batter.
Add hing and jeera to the batter mix.
Add 24 cups of water and cook .Go on stirring till it thickens, but able to pour blobs.
Cool it down to the room temperature.
Pour blobs on a plastic sheet and dry them in the sun, till the blobs come out on its own without sticking and become crispy. Vodis/Fritters are ready.
Remove them from the sheet and store them in an air-tight container in a dry place. 
These can be fried and served during meals. Even a simple meal acquires a delicious taste with these vodis/fritters. 
Vodi(fritters) with plain saga can also be made. Soak the sago in water and grind to paste. Add sufficient water to cook it to the vodi consistancy and then make vodis.

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