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Thakka Udhaak(Lean Masala Buttermilk)

This is a native summer drink in most parts of southern  India.


curd-2 cups(sour),

water-12 cups,

green chillies-4,,

ginger-1″ piece,

curry leaves-3 sticks,

lemon leaves-4(optional) and

salt to taste.


De-skin ginger.

Wash all the condiments and crush them well in a mixer.

Churn the curd using 2 cups of water.

Add the remaining water after churning.

Add salt and the crushed masala and mix well .

The masala buttermilk is ready.

NOTE:A pinch of hing can also be added as per choice.

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Panak(Spicy Jagerry Drink)

This drink is mostly prepared and distributed to the public in temples during festival days(in summer time). The taste is on the sweeter side. It is a good quencher of the thirst.


jagerry-2 cups,

water -10 cups,

sunt powder(dry ginger)-1 tsp,

jeera powder- 1tsp

cardamom powder-1/2 tsp and

salt-1 tsp.


Mix jagerry in water.

Ensure that it completely dissolves. (To hasten the process, crush jagerry and add the water. Stir with a laddle. Boil the liquid adding all condiment powders and salt. Remove from flame. Let it cool.

Panak is ready. It can be served as a cold drink.


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