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A very simple steamed preparation . It is an idli type item and very easy to make. The dish is very tasty and nutritious. This is a very common preparation made in konkani homes. 


urad dal-1 cup,

moong dal-2 cups,

green chillies(chopped)-4,

ginger-1” piece and

salt to taste.


Soak dals together  for 3 hrs.

Grind them to a very fine  consistency adding sufficient water.

Add salt and mix well.

Apply a bit of oil inside a container , pour the batter in it and steam it in a cooker without the safety weight for 15 mts or till done.

Any kind of chutney or hot  and spicy dish can go along with this preparation.

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Idli batter is prepared by using rice and urid dal(blackgram dal). The texture of idli (softness) depends on the proportion of ingredients and the time given for grinding. While grinding in a wet grinder and the mixer, the proportion is different with dal and rice.  The proportion varies depending upon the quality of dal also. Again, the grinding of dal is done  to get a highly  soft texture for its batter.  In order to get the proper consistency and the the soft texture for idli/dosa, etc, the grinding has to be carefully done. Idli, dosa, etc are delicacies  for people from all parts of India. Idli is a steamed item and does not require oil for preparation. Usually made as a breakfast item some people prefer to have it for supper as it is very light on the stomach . Dosa is also prepared with similar batter may be with slight variation. That is given in a separate post.


Boiled rice-3 1/2 cups,
Raw rice-1 1/2 cup,
urad dal-1cup (for wet grinding) and (2cups for the mixer grinding) and
Salt to taste.


Soak both the rice together for 6hrs. Soak urad dal separately for 3hrs. If the dal is soaked for more period you will not get the proper softness while grinding. Start soaking the dal  after 3hrs of starting of soaking rice. While grinding in a wet grinder, grind the dal for 45 mts(it is very necessary for proper fermentation and getting the batter fluffy) adding little water at intervals during the course of grinding.  Transfer into a large vessel. Then grind the rice to a smooth consistency adding water little by little. After grinding mix the rice and dal batter well. Add salt and mix well. Keep the  batter for fermentation for 6 to 8 hrs. The batter will be ready to make idlis after that.If the weather conditions are a bit cold , the mixed batter can be kept in an open space, properly covered fully, directly under the Sun for proper fermentation.

Preparing idli is easy, it can be prepared in an idli cooker or pressure cooker ( no need to use the weight )or a conventional steamer called as Pedavaan. Pour sufficient water, may be a glass or 2 depending on the size of the vessel to form steam. Smear idli moulds with oil or just moist with water so that steamed idlis do not stick to it. Pour idli batter and steam for 8-10 mts. After steaming remove from cooker, let the idlis stand for about 5 minutes before they can be removed easily from the mould . Arrange moulds in such a fashion so that the idlis on top tier are not above the ones directly below. (This is to avoid the steam dripping on the idlis below).

Idli goes very well with any side dish like  sambar, any type of chutney ,dal powder specially made for eating idli/dosa, thiksani umman, pickles, a mix of ghee and sugar( especially for children)and any type of sauce.

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