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Chouli Ani Nonche Ambya Ghassi(Chouli Beans And Salted Mango Curry)

Konkanis make use of the salted mangoes during off season. These salted mangoes are good sustitutes for the sour taste and can be used in many hot and spicy curries. This gives a good taste too.


chouli beans/lobia(pulse)-200gms,

salted mango-1 small,

red chillies-5,

turmeric powder-1/4tsp,

coconut scrapings-1cup,

mustard seeds-1tsp,


oil-2tsps(preferably coconut oil),

curry leaves-a few,

salt to taste.(Salted mango already has salt in it)


Cook chouli to a soft texture(Soaking it in water for an hour hastens cooking).

Grind masala with coconut, chillies and turmeric powder to make a smooth paste.

Boil the masala for 5mts, adding little water.

Then add the cooked chouli and mango cut into pieces, along with the requisite quantity of salt and cook for few mts more.

As the mango has salt content in it, additional salt has to be added very carefully.

Remove from flame and season with mustard, jeera and curry leaves in oil.

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The chips, made from these vegetables are also similar to the preparation of the potato chips. These chips are also as tasty as the potato chips. The only difference is in the seasonality of these vegetables.


breadfruit/sweet potato-500 gms,

salt- 2 tsps and

oil for frying.


De-skin the fruit / potato and wipe it with a cloth.

Make chips using a chips maker machine.

Make salt solution with 1 tbsp of water and the salt and keep it handy.

Heat oil in a pan.

Fry 1/4th of the chips.

When the chips are just about to be ready, sprinkle a spoonful of salt solution on the top and roll the chips over thoroughly.

When the foam on the top of the hot oil subsides, remove the chips from the pan, using a perforated laddle.

Place them on a tissue paper to remove the excess oil. When it gets cooled, store in an airtight container.

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Chips made out of the sweet potato are very tasty. It is very easy to prepare.


Chinni kanang(sweet potato)-250gms,

salt-1tsp and

oil for frying.


De-skin the sweet potatoes.

Wash and cut into flat, thick(1/8″) chips.

Make salt solution adding 2 tsps of water in the given salt.

Heat oil in a pan and deep fry half quantity of  the chips till light brown.

Sprinkle 1tsp of salt solution on the top and continue frying till the chips become crispy.

Repeat the process with the remaining chips. These chips will be crispy out side and soft inside.


These chips are by itself tasty. If required, corriander chutney or tomato sauce can be a side dish for this.

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This is an evening snack, goes well with tea/coffee, especially during monsoon season.


Breadfruit-250 gms,

besan(chana dal flour)-150gms,

chilli powder-2tsps,

turmeric powder-1/4tsp,

hing powder-1/8tsp,

oil for frying and

salt to taste.


Des-kin the breadfruit and remove the central hard stem.

Cut it into 1/4″ thick flat pieces.

Apply a bit of  salt and roll the pieces well. Keep aside for 15 mts.

Mix besan, chilli powder, turmeric powder, hing and salt and make a reasonably thick batter using water.

Squeeze the water from the chips.

Dip the chips in the batter and deep fry them till they get crispy outside, but remain soft inside.

Fry the chips in small batches.

Remove them with the help of a perforated laddle and place them on a paper napkin to remove excess oil.


These type of bhajjias can be made with other vegetables also, viz. raw banana, brinjal, potato, bell pepper(simla mirch) etc.

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These chips are a sort of small thick ones made from the large Kerala banana called Nanderbalein kelein(nentrakkai). These chips form a part of the feast menu on festival days or any other religious/social functions.



salt-1/2tsp and

oil for frying.


Thoroughly remove the skin of the banana. Only the white part is to be used.

First, cut it into four, length-wise, and then cut across to make small thick pieces.

Make salt solution with 2 spoons of water.

Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the chips.

When it is mostly done, sprinkle the salt solution on the top and roll over the chips with the help of a perforated laddle.

Once done and the chips are fully crispy, remove them wih the help of a perforated laddle and lay it on a paper knapkin to have remaining oil absorbed.

Chips are ready.

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The bittergourd chips are very easy to prepare and an instant preparation that goes very well with meals. This can be a substitute to the fried papad and other fritters that is served with the main meal. It can also be used as a snack along with tea/coffee in the evenings.


bitter gourd-1no(large),

chilli powder-2tsps,

turmeric powder-1/2 tsp,

hing powder-1/8 tsp,

rice flour-2 tsps,

urid powder-1tsp,

salt to taste and

oil for frying.


Wash and slice the bittergourd into thin round pieces.

Mix all the powders and salt(call it masala).

Roll the bittergourd pieces in the masala.

Keep it for about 2 mts for curing.

Deep fry in oil till it becomes crispy.

Remove them with a perforated laddle to remove the excess oil and spread them on a large paper napkin to have the balance excess oil absorbed in the paper.

Chips are ready for use.

To maintain its crispiness , store them in an air-tight container after cooling. It can be stored for a few days.


Fresh chips can also be made with vegetables like ladies finger(cut into 1′” pieces),brinjals(cut into round pieces) etc.

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Chips are prepared from  jeeve kelein(nenthrakkai,large raw kerala banana), jeeve ponsa goro(raw jackfruit bulb), landhe gudhgo(breadfruit), a sort of large root veg. called Kandi chembu in Konkani and jeeve kappe(tapioca).
any one of the item mentioned above,
salt – a very small quantity and
oil for frying.


Peel the skin and wash the vegetable.
Cut them into thin chips. In the case of banana, tapioca, lande gudugo and kandichembu it can be done with the help of a chips maker. For jackfruit, chips can be cut with the help of a knife(cut into thin long pieces).
Make a dense salt solution, using more of salt and less water(Mix 2 tsps of salt in 3 tbsp of water).
Deep fry the chips/pieces in oil, till they are completely cooked and takes a bit of crispy texture. The foam which gets formed on the top of hot oil will start subsiding when the chips are almost getting done.
Sprinkle a little salt solution over the frying chips, just before it is done, stir the frying contents well to have uniform spread of salt.
When the bubbles which rise on the surface of hot oil almost stop forming, remove the chips from oil with the help of a perforated laddle to remove the excess oil and spread them on a large paper napkin.
On getting cooled, transfer them to an air-tight container for storing.
1. Alternatively, salt can be sprinkled over the chips, after the chips are taken out of the oil. Mix and roll the chips to have a uniform spread.

2. Pepper and red chilly powder can also be sprinkled on the chips in a similar way,after it is removed from the oil, to get an enhanced flavour and spiciness.

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Thick chips are made from vegetables like suran(yam), kacchil( kind of yam available in Kerala) and landhe gudhgo(bread fruit), sweet potato, potatoes etc. This is generally partaken as a snack. It can be served with tomato sauce or chutney to enhance its taste.
any one of the above vegetable-1/2kg ,
red  chilly powder-1tsp,
turmeric  powder-1/2tsp,
hing powder 1/8tsp,
salt to taste,
rice flour (or bread crumbs) and
oil for frying.
Deskin, clean and cut the vegetable into thick flat pieces(it can be uneven on the sides).
Steam the pieces in a cooker for 15 mts without weight.
Mix all the condiments(except rice flour) and salt and roll the steamed pieces well in the mix.
After it gets cooled, roll the pieces in the rice flour or  bread crumbs.
Deep fry in oil to get a crispy texture outside and the core to remain soft. 
For sweet potatoes and potatoes, the steaming is not necessary. It can be fried by making slices and sprinkling the mix of chilly, turmeric, hing powders and salt over both sides. Rice flour is also not required in this case. 

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