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Thick chips are made from vegetables like suran(yam), kacchil( kind of yam available in Kerala) and landhe gudhgo(bread fruit), sweet potato, potatoes etc. This is generally partaken as a snack. It can be served with tomato sauce or chutney to enhance its taste.
any one of the above vegetable-1/2kg ,
red  chilly powder-1tsp,
turmeric  powder-1/2tsp,
hing powder 1/8tsp,
salt to taste,
rice flour (or bread crumbs) and
oil for frying.
Deskin, clean and cut the vegetable into thick flat pieces(it can be uneven on the sides).
Steam the pieces in a cooker for 15 mts without weight.
Mix all the condiments(except rice flour) and salt and roll the steamed pieces well in the mix.
After it gets cooled, roll the pieces in the rice flour or  bread crumbs.
Deep fry in oil to get a crispy texture outside and the core to remain soft. 
For sweet potatoes and potatoes, the steaming is not necessary. It can be fried by making slices and sprinkling the mix of chilly, turmeric, hing powders and salt over both sides. Rice flour is also not required in this case. 

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