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Chips are prepared from  jeeve kelein(nenthrakkai,large raw kerala banana), jeeve ponsa goro(raw jackfruit bulb), landhe gudhgo(breadfruit), a sort of large root veg. called Kandi chembu in Konkani and jeeve kappe(tapioca).
any one of the item mentioned above,
salt – a very small quantity and
oil for frying.


Peel the skin and wash the vegetable.
Cut them into thin chips. In the case of banana, tapioca, lande gudugo and kandichembu it can be done with the help of a chips maker. For jackfruit, chips can be cut with the help of a knife(cut into thin long pieces).
Make a dense salt solution, using more of salt and less water(Mix 2 tsps of salt in 3 tbsp of water).
Deep fry the chips/pieces in oil, till they are completely cooked and takes a bit of crispy texture. The foam which gets formed on the top of hot oil will start subsiding when the chips are almost getting done.
Sprinkle a little salt solution over the frying chips, just before it is done, stir the frying contents well to have uniform spread of salt.
When the bubbles which rise on the surface of hot oil almost stop forming, remove the chips from oil with the help of a perforated laddle to remove the excess oil and spread them on a large paper napkin.
On getting cooled, transfer them to an air-tight container for storing.
1. Alternatively, salt can be sprinkled over the chips, after the chips are taken out of the oil. Mix and roll the chips to have a uniform spread.

2. Pepper and red chilly powder can also be sprinkled on the chips in a similar way,after it is removed from the oil, to get an enhanced flavour and spiciness.

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