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Godi Chakkuli(Sweet Murukku)

Godi Ckakkuli(Sweet Chakli/Murukku) is made using jagerry and coconut milk. Boiled white rice is used for this purpose.

Godi Chakkuli(Sweet Murukku)


boiled rice-2 cups,

thick coconut milk-1 cup,

powdered jagerry-1 cup,

salt-1/4 tsp,

til(sesame)-2 tsps,

oil for frying chaklis.


Soak the rice for 6 hrs.

Grind the rice using coconut milk to a smooth and thick paste.

Add jagerry, til and salt and mix well. If the dough is watery, add little raw rice flour to bring it to the proper dough consistency.

Make chaklis with the help of the chakli machine and deep fry in oil.

When cool, store them in the airtight container.

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