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Jackfruit papad is prepared, during the season when jackfruit is available in abundance. The shelf-life of this papad is much longer than the ordinary papad and can be stored for a longer period. This can be utilised as an accompaniment to the lunch as well as an evening snack.This will come handy when unexpected guests arrive.

Ponsa Appol


raw jackfruit bulbs–1 kg(deseeded) and

salt to taste.


Steam the bulbs in a cooker(no weight is used) for 20 mts.

When cool, add salt, mix and mash well with hands. Do not use a mixer. The dough should be very soft.

Make small balls out of it.

Take two small plastic sheet pieces. Smear them with oil on one side of each sheet.

Place one ball on one oiled sheet , cover it with the other sheet, the oiled surface touching the ball.

Press plastic sheet covered ball with a manual wooden press or a metal press(a contrivance with two flat surfaces and a handle) to form round papad.

Or else pat the ball(keeping it between the plastic sheets) with the fingers to form a uniform thin round papad.

Repeat the process till all the dough is done.

Dry them in the hot sun, if necessary in batches.

When completely dried, store them in an air tight container.


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