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This is a common breakfast item in almost all homes in South India. This is especially an excellent instant dish which can be prepared whenever unexpected guests arrive. A good side dish for upma is the kukka(potato) humman along with the coconut chutney.


white(bombay) rawa-1cup,

water-2 cups,

green chillies-3(cut into halves),

ginger-1′ piece(chopped),

urid dal-1tsp,

mustard seeds-1 tsp, 

cashewnuts-a few(cut into pieces),



salt to taste,

and curry leaves.


Roast rawa in a pan till it takes a very light brown shade.

Remove from flame. 

Heat a pan, add oil and crackle the mustard seeds. Add urid dal, chillies, ginger, cashew nuts and the curry leaves and saute(fry) for 2 to 3 mts till the cashew nut pieces and urid dal turns golden brown.

Add water and when it boils, add the salt and stir. Turn the flame to a low and then add the rawa very slowly while continuously stirring it.

Once the rawa is completely added, turn off the flame, add 2tsps of cow’s ghee and thoroughly mix it. Ghee imparts an excellent flavour to the upma.

Upma is ready. Close it with a lid. It can be served after 5 mts. 

NOTE: Continuous stirring while adding rawa is very important, as otherwise there is every likelihood of formation of  lumps without much cooking.


Vegetables such as green peas, carrots, beans, potatoes and onions, cut into small pieces, can be added to enhance the taste and nutrition value. The vegetables should be added after the cashew nuts and urid dal turn brown. Allow the vegetables to get cooked, before adding the water


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