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Appla gooli(papad dough pieces)-10( To click on Category “PAPAD/VADIS” for details on papad dough) ,
coconut scrapings–1 cup,
red chillis-5,
turmeric powder-1/4tsp,
sol-1 piece,
salt to taste,
mustard seeds-1tsp,
oil for frying and
curry leaves.
 Deep fry the papad dough pieces in oil to a crispy texture.
Grind the coconut scrapings, chilli and turmeric powder to a fine paste.
Add salt, sol and a cup of water to the paste and boil it for 5 mts.
Put the  fried papad golas in the ghassi , add sufficient water to get a gravy consistency and cook for another 2 mts.
Remove from the flame.
Do phannu(season) with mustard seeds and curry leaves in oil. (Give tadka with mustard seeds and curry leaves).
NOTE: The fried papad golas are also used as a snack on a stand-alone basis. It goes well with tea/coffee.

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This is a most commonly used side dish for the second helping of rice. It has a thin soup-like texture, and is soury and spicy in its taste. Many varieties of rasam can be prepared. Given below is a simple variety.


tur dal-1/2 cup,

tamarind-1 avla size,

tomatoes-3 nos,

rasam powder-2tsps,(Click on TAG ‘Curry Powders’ for details on preparation)

turmeric powder-1/2tsp,

mustard seeds-1tsp,


salt to taste,

hing powder-1/4tsp,

corriander leaves-1/4 cup(chopped) and

curry leaves.


Soak tamarind in half cup of water for 10mts. Remove pulp.

Cook tur dal to a soft texture and mash it.

Mix the tamarind pulp, rasam powder, turmeric powder, hing powder and the salt in 2 cups of water.

Clean and cut the tomatoes into small pieces and add to the above mix.  

Boil the contents and then continue cooking on a low flame till the tomatoes become soft.

Add the cooked dal and sufficient water to get a thin consistency for the rasam and boil it for a minute.

Remove from the flame and do phannu(season) with mustard seeds and curry leaves in ghee.

Add the corriander leaves and close it with a lid.

Rasam is ready.

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This is a time-pass item for the  children.
boiled rice-1cup,
chana dal-1/2cup,
moong dal-1/2cup,
red chillies-6,
coconut oil(for use while eating)
hing powder- a pinch and
salt to taste.
Wash the rice and strain water.
Wash the nachni and strain water.
Roast  separately the rice,nachni and dals(together).
Roast  pepper and the chillies for 2 to 3 mts.
On getting cooled, grind all the items together to a fine powder.
Add hing powder and salt and mix.
Eat, mixed with oil.

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Whenever the children or the adults are hungry and ask for some immediate relief, the homemaker resort to this dish, which is very tasty and spicy, at the same time, wholesome. It is also a very healthy dish as it does not contan any unhealthy add-ons. It is a very easy and simple preparation. This is an instant snack and cannot be kept for a longer time.
thin poha -1/4kg,
green chillies-2,
coconut scrapings-1 cup,
salt to taste,
 small onion-1/2 cup(optional)chopped and
 coconut oil-2tsps.
Mix  poha and coconut scrapings together and mash it well with hand to make it soft. No water is used.
Add finely cut chillies, chopped onions, sugar and salt and mix well.
Add coconut oil and mix.
The dish is ready.

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