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Semia Paysu(Vermicelli Kheer)

This kheer is very easy to prepare. It is very delicious and is a favourite of all age groups and enjoyed to the last spoon.


Semia(vermicelli)-100 gms,

milk-1 litre,

cashewnuts-10(to cut into pieces) ,

kismis-1 tbsp,

sugar-200 gms and

cardamom powder-1/2 tsp.





Roast the semia in a dry pan, till light brown.

Boil the milk and add the semia and cook till the semia becomes soft(Do not cook the semia in the fresh milk. The milk may get spoilt).

Add the sugar and boil again.

Keep the flame always on low.

Cook the kheer for at least 15 mts to bring the proper texture and flavour.

Remove from the flame and add the cardamom powder.

Fry the cashewnuts and kismis in little ghee and add to the kheer. Mix well.

The Kheer/Paysu is ready.


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