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This halwa is rich and very tasty. But it needs lot of efforts to prepare. The process also is bit long. It is a delicacy and liked by everyone because of its taste and flavour. It is a young children’s favourite.


whole wheat-250gms,


cashew nuts/almonds-50gms,


cardamom powder-1tsp and

a pinch of orange colour.


Wash and soak the wheat for 24hrs.

Grind in a mixer adding more water(approx. 2cups) to a course texture.

Sieve the contents either with a metallic/plastic sieve or with a clean and slightly coarse thin cotton cloth, separating the coarse sediments and the water mixed with fines of wheat.

Collect the fine mixture in a vessel and grind the coarse sediments again in a mixie with more water.

Continue the process of separating the coarse sediments and the fines with water, 3 to 4 times, to pick up most of the fines of the wheat.

Throw away the coarse sediments.

Keep the fines with the water in the vessel for an hour to allow the fines to settle down at the bottom.

Remove the water on the top carefully without losing any of the fines.

Add the colour and the chopped cashew nuts/almonds to the fines and mix.

Take a thick bottom, wide mouthed vessel, make sugar  syrup using 1 cup of water to one thread consistency.

Add the wheat fines to the sugar solution. Keep stirring continuosly. The mixture will start loosing the water. Keep stirring without interupption till the contents become thick.

Lower the flame to the medium.

Start adding ghee little by little. It will continue to be absorbed by the contents.

Once the contents get fully cooked in the ghee, it will stop absorbing the ghee and the ghee can be seen floating around.

Bring the flame to low and continue roasting the contents without adding any more ghee. Keep stirring continuously during this process.

While doing this, a stage will be reached when the contents become one whole mass without sticking either to the laddle or the vessel.

Switch off the flame, add cardamom powder and mix well.

Spread it on a ghee smeared wide flat bottomed plate, level it with the help of a katori and wait to have it cooled down.

Cut it into pieces.

Gova Halvo is ready for serving.

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